Generate Keywords Using Autocomplete

Did you know you don’t have to invest in expensive paid SEO tools to find high-quality keywords? Google offers a lot of free tools that leverage its swathes of data. One of these is Google Autocomplete.

Aside from predicting your queries and saving your time from typing long queries, the autocomplete tool is also useful in generating long-tail keywords. Here, we will teach you how to use it through simple steps.

Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete is also known as Google Suggest and it was launched in 2008. The tool works by using an algorithm that predicts what the searcher is looking for and presents them with a list of results. Crucially, it tailors these suggestions based on the region of the searcher and their search history.

How to generate keywords using this tool

Step 1. Think of your base keyword

You need to have a base keyword to start. This should be relevant to your industry. So it could be “wedding photographer”, “pizza restaurant” or “yoga mat”.

Step 2. Add your location if it’s relevant

If you are a local business, you may also wish to add your location to the base query. This will tailor results to your area. So you might search for “wedding photographers in Chicago”.

Step 3. Shuffle word orders

You can shuffle up the order of words, too, so that you have several unique phrases to use. For example, you could also use “Chicago wedding photographers” or “wedding Chicago photographers”.

Step 4. Choose from the suggestions at the bottom of the results

Next, enter your phrases into Google, hit search and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you’ll find a list of suggestions from Google that play on your base keyword. If you want even more suggestions, click on each suggestion and you’ll get even more at the bottom of those pages.

Step 5: Type through

If you aren’t generating keywords around a particular location, you can use the coolest feature of Google’s search engine. Start typing a base keyword into the search bar and Google will start to generate a list of suggestions automatically. This is a brilliant and tried and tested way of finding high-quality long-tail keywords. And because Google suggests them, you can bet that other people are searching for them. Keep typing to get even more or click on them to get the list of suggested searches at the bottom of the page.

Additional tip: Want to generate a list of keywords for other search engines like Bing, Amazon or YouTube? Use, it’s free and easy to use.

Create a keyword list

Stay organized by creating a spreadsheet and adding in all of the suggestions while you search. That way you can track what you have and haven’t searched for and quickly filter out keywords that aren’t useful.

Can I use all keywords from Google Autocomplete?

Of course you can, what’s stopping you? A word of warning, however. We recommend going through each of the keywords one by one and analyzing them for traffic levels and competitiveness. Some are going to be very competitive and others are going to get no traffic. You don’t want to waste your time on these keywords.

Final words

Google Autocomplete is awesome and it’s not just for normal Google users. SEO experts and business owners should absolutely use it to find even more keywords.