Scottsdale Web Design – Reasons Why SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand (Part 1)

In our life and also in websites, we are incline to put all our focus in one or two components. In the process, we forget what is crucial. It is not just SEO or web design, but the two should go together. The bottom line is web design and SEO both should be present.

person writing on white paper in front of computer and mobile phone

So, what are the areas in which SEO and web design work together? To know what they are, read below:


  1. A Mobile Friendly Website

  • If you are accustomed with web design or SEO, you absolutely know all about why your site should be mobile-friendly. In 2015, Google carried out that being mobile friendly is a ranking element. In 2017, Google announced that the mobile sites get indexed first than the desktop sites. This goes to show that the most used device is the mobile phone.
  • Today, it is the mobile first age. Everyone uses a mobile device, and everyone is always bringing it around. That is the reason why, websites should consider doing their mobile layouts for their site.
  • From the viewpoint of an SEO, mobile-friendliness is a sure fire ranking element for mobile search, and it is that version that will be utilized by the search engine to examine and finally rank your website.  Know that half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices which means half of your audience are using their mobile. Therefore, if you are not mobile friendly, then, you are unintentionally isolating half of your audience. That could be a lot!
  • A website may have towering bounce rates because images and other elements take time to load. There are some elements unnecessary for mobile. Cut the fancy upgrades, and focus on the readability of your content. It is best to work on optimizing your website for mobile users. To check the mobile – friendliness of a website, you can check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  1. A Scannable and Readable Design

  • When you work on your SEO, you probably put a lot of your time and effort in your content. Few people do not know that the web design of a site has a big effect on the content. A badly designed web will surely drive away users to another site. And if their concern is not properly addressed in your site, why should they stay any longer?
  • You probably experienced being in a site that had text which are unreadable due to its page design. Perhaps, the texts were placed against a white background, or dark color texts were placed against black background. For sure, it’s a torture to look at! More on: How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Website and The Importance of Color Selection
  • Also, the text could be too small or too big. Maybe the font style is hard to decipher. Again, this will drive people away from your site. For sure, web designers know how to create a site that is SEO friendly enough for the users to read the content. That way, you get your money’s worth. Images, the length of the line, and white space can call the attention of people. Do not forget that there are people with impairments so consider them too when deciding on your website’s design!

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