What Does a Good Local Business Website Look Like?

A stunning website never goes unnoticed by internet users. How your business website looks and functions are key factors when it comes to converting users. It also imbibes a sense of professionalism and your brand’s image. So, what does a good business website look like? Since each industry and niche will differ in approach, this question is often met with confusion.

To get you started, the following are some of the characteristics of a stunning and SEO-friendly website. Check if your own website possesses these points:

The website should be mobile-friendly

A good business website will be responsive across platforms. With this, the site should render properly in mobile, desktop, and tablet view.

Just recently, Google has rolled out its mobile-first algorithm. Search engine crawlers will prioritize websites with mobile-friendly designs. So aside from the look, how your website renders also impacts your rankings on the web.

All the buttons should be working

A stunning website is no use if the buttons on it aren’t working properly. We recommend performing a complete check on all the clickable parts of your business website.

Also, links should redirect to the right pages. If not, it will stir confusion in your visitors, which will increase bounce rates.

The design should be clutter-free

No one wants a design that hurts their eyes. Your business website should be as neat and minimalist as possible. This way, your visitors won’t be overwhelmed with too much information on one page. Also, a sleek website will always win more internal clicks from visitors.

Sometimes, giving too much information on one page may not always be ideal, depending on your niche.

The look should suit your geography and niche

A website for a Texas restaurant will look different from a finance consultancy firm in New York. These variations in geography and industry are important considerations when designing your website.

The look of your business website will set the mood for your visitors. If they don’t like the look of your website, they may look elsewhere.

It should contain call to actions

Aside from making your website look good, you should also utilize call to actions. These are nudges that will push your website visitors into your sales funnel. It’s critical if you want to boost your sales.

Still, don’t be too salesy or your site visitors will be put off.

It should imbibe credibility

Most of all, your website should look trustworthy and credible. That starts by adding your business address, phone number, and other details that will allow the visitor to confirm your authenticity.

Also, avoid putting up information that will cause your visitors to have negative feelings about your business.

The design should be visually appealing

Setting aside all the technical and informational aspects, a website that appeals to the eyes of the customers will win in the traffic department. A visually appealing website will help reduce bounce rates. Still, content is essential to keep your visitors within your pages.