Guidelines on How to Build an SEO-friendly FAQ Page

Both people and search engines loves the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. For one, it is a pretty good way to show your customers how you care to address their concerns.

These days, voice search is continuously gaining popularity. Google tells us that 20% of searches use voice. This is because users are seeking for the simplest and fastest ways to have their questions answered.

Magnifying glass zooming in on FAQs

FAQ content can give you that aimed traffic to your site. In fact,  it is used as a successful approach. So, why is it important to develop an FAQ page:

  • It interests potential customers,
  • develops trust in your brand or service,
  • helps resolve customer service questions, and
  • it enhances your SEO rankings.

Google does put a lot of weight on sites assisting people. If you are up to achieving as much on your FAQ page, don’t sit on it. Yes, do it right now! Here are a few steps to come up with something that is extensive.

  1. Compile Pertinent FAQs.
  • Before you start with your FAQ page, it is important that you come up with the correct inquiries to inform your clients of your brand or service to enable you to create demands. You need to have an in-depth and consistent research on the questions asked.
  • If you ask your customer service representatives, you will know tons of questions that are frequently asked by your customers. This is a sure way of gathering the pertinent questions for your FAQ page.
  • Furthermore, it is a good practice to accumulate reactions of both visitors and customers to know how you could develop your business more. You can also seek the aid of an online survey. With that, you will discover where your customers need help. Then, you could add more details in your content to make it clearer.
  • To give you some idea, check out other websites’ FAQ pages. Observe what your competitor is doing and know what questions they have not answered. Learn from those things to develop your own FAQ page.
  1. Apply Structured Data.
  • To make your FAQ page more interesting in the search results, incorporate structured data. Luckily, Google made an additional support for FAQ data so that you could present inquiries and responses straight to the Google Search and Google Assistant.
  • Visit FAQ Action with markup to know how to execute details for Google Assistant.
  • Check report in Search Console to see the mistakes, forewarnings, and reasonable items regarding your FAQ pages.
  1. Consider the Visual Representation.
  • Don’t just think of the text; think visually! Pictures can explain things what words cannot. Use drawings, graphs, images, or videos to make your FAQ page more inviting to read. Make sure you make it simpler for your audience to get their answers.
  1. Navigation Is Important.
  • No matter how brilliant your FAQ page is, if your audience cannot see it or navigate to the FAQ page, then, it is useless. Having an excellent navigational structure will definitely improve and satisfy your customers. Thus, you will earn their loyalty.
  1. Inspect the Analytics.
  • Now that you have your FAQ page, inspect the analytics of your site to know the traffic and ranking. Are people visiting your FAQ page? Did they stay long? If they did, then what? Knowing these things can improve your FAQ page so check Google Analytics from time to time.