5 Link Development Tips to Help Build Backlinks (Part 2)

In part 1, I talked about the great advice on how to develop a non-spammy link. One is through advertising while another way is through social media. If you need to recap, just click on 5 Link Development Tips to Help Build Backlinks (Part 1).

Today, I am still going to discuss backlinks. After all, building the backlink authority is essential in achieving a higher ranking. You can’t deny that Google considers backlinks are one of the top ranking factors. Of course, you can’t just ignore content because backlinks and content work closely together.

Two People in Discussion with Papers on the Table and a Laptop

So, here are 5 more tips for you:

  1. Use the skyscraper technique.
  • This is courtesy of Brian Dean from Backlinko.com. He formulated a technique to develop link building. To summarize, he mentioned of looking for a “linkable content.” Then, you try to work around the idea. You create your version and you can even add more content if you want. The point is to make your own and share it your target audience.
  1. Interview an important person.
  • Look for a person who is prominent in the field and ask if you could interview him/her on your site. Most likely, the person will be honored to be chosen. Surely, that person will easily grant to your request.
  • The only qualification here is that they have great social media following. Once you have done the interview, share it on your social media accounts. Also, tell the interviewee to the link to their followers as well. Optimistically, you will have a few backlinks from the followers of the person you interviewed.
  1. Give away a free tool.
  • Once you give something for free, surely, it will return to you. If you try to make a free SEO tool, that will surely gain the attention of the public. They will try to use it and recommend it to other people since it is available for free.
  • See, you really don’t have to come up with an extravagant gift to give. Just as long as you have addressed the users’ needs, for sure, people will appreciate it.
  1. Do your very own research.
  • If you are worried on how to collect data, then, look up for online surveys. For example, there’s Google Surveys. This free tool will help you make your own survey form. Then, you can easily ask people their opinion. From the data you get, you can definitely come up with something interesting.
  • After, you could go to Reddit (or any discussion board) and see if someone would be interested. If not, go on social media and share your survey there. For sure, someone will somehow get to participate.
  1. Make video transcripts.
  • Video content is harder for Google to grasp. So, this is where you come in. Look for a current video, and then, come up with a transcript. This could be any video as long as it is from a famous person.
  • For the final step, flatter the influencer on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. You can say that you made a transcript for a video and offer the link. If they respond to you, that’s like an indirect endorsement. Once they share you tweet, for sure, it will have positive ripple effects for your website.