How to Achieve Success in Guest Blogging? (Part 1)

Guest blogging has become an important element in order to widen your reach. Collaboration with other web admins is one common practice to increase web traffic.

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Aside from a strong flow of inward traffic, other benefits of guest blogging include: getting backlinks, acquiring potential customers, nurturing positive relationships, advertising your products, and of course, creating brand awareness. In this blog, I am going to tackle some crucial factors that lead to a successful guest blogging venture.

  • Socialize and build new relationships.
  • Interact within your circle, and start to build relationship. You don’t become a guest blogger in a snap. Things, like relationships and connection, need time to develop. You don’t coerce people into welcoming you into their website. It has to come naturally, and the best relationships are forced.
  • The more people know you, the more chances websites request you to be a guest blogger. A website may need refreshing ideas, and that’s you come in handy. You show a new perspective. Offer support by writing about something different.
  • No one will get you as a guest blogger if you are practically a stranger to everyone.
    • So, here are tips to make yourself visible:

    • Leave a relevant comment. Read other people’s post and comment about it. Don’t just comment to advertise your website. That’s not a good idea!
    • Write about brands you look up to. Brands will love it when you notice their products. They will be glad knowing that you mentioned their brand on your blog.
    • Don’t forget to share. Every social media site has emphasized the value of sharing. It is now so easy to spread the word. So, give other blogs a little boost, and for sure, they will return the favor.
    • Interact with them on social media. You are done sharing, but don’t go yet. Interacting with them is equally important. Brands and professionals are social media. So, comment on their post and have a quick chat.
    • The good deeds you do will always come back to you so just keep on supporting sites you love and before you know it, they will be interested on what you have to offer. Just remember the tips I just shared.
  • Choose your potential websites wisely.
  • Not everyone is open to the idea of guest blogging. It may be a prominent strategy, but some businesses choose to skip it. So, there’s no need to insist and shove it on their face. Instead, you do your research and choose the websites that are open to doing collaboration with you.
  • Identify what blogs align with your vision. It feels great to write for a website that shares the same principles and values.
  • You could also reach out to the websites that have same audience as you. If you share the same target market, then, their readers might be interested on what you will share.
  • Lastly, look for websites that are interested on what you will be blogging about. For example, you are a fan of this fashion blog, and you would to do a guest post by sharing your “5 Fashion Must-Haves when Traveling,” or if you are an avid reader, you can blog about “Top 3 Books About Fashion Design.”