5 Helpful SEO Plugins & Extensions

A lot of people utilize browsers to enter the websites, but most practicing SEO professionals do more the usual browsing. Let’s discuss the different SEO plugins, and find out how use to your advantage. Don’t think of how much it will cost you, it is free!

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  • Ghost Browser

    • It  a plugin for Google Chrome, and it has “sessions” within every window or tab. Each tab is assigned a distinct color to avoid confusion. Every color stands for a unique session.You can use numerous tabs every session. Also, you can use each session to log-in to your various social accounts.
    • The free versions of Ghost Browser allows you 3 sessions at a time. A pro version on the other hand, can be worth the money. Whatever you choose, will still benefit you.
  • Chrome Developer Tools

    • There is almost no way to discuss the features, functions, and uses of this tool given the space here.
    • This tool is included into Google Chrome’s functionality, and you can access through the Chrome Menu> More tools> Developer tools. The simplest function of this tool is to look for code, to detect the size of elements, and to rectify them. You can read more about on the Chrome DevTools page.
  • SEO Quake

    • This is considered a classic when it comes to plugins and extension. This is because it does give an immediate entry to a collection of data that you want. And in just a single click, SEO Quake can get the metrics, list in cache dates, indexing information, backlinks data and a lot more.
    • Now, with a few extra clicks, you could easily access the keyword density details, backlinks stats, and humongous information regarding heading tags, metas, and others.
    • This tool is not a substitute for site audit tools. It just does a great job in immediate snapshot of a page’s data. It is compatible with SEMrush so you can integrate this free extension to your existing paid apps.
  • User-Agent Switcher

    • It is the best thing that ever happened to those who are just started to create new sites particularly when it is built utilizing anticipated technologies. Its name is true to itself, a simple to set up plugin that moves the user agent info that permits you to see a site as a distinctive browser or bot.
    • User-Agent Switcher can be valuable in terms of knowing how a site will load with dissimilar browsers or operating systems.
  • Ghost Proxy Control

    • It is an extension which has been pre-loaded with Ghost Browser. One of the perks of the duo is the fact that you can definitely load dissimilar proxies in the different session using a tab for every location. This is great for monitoring the SERP results from different areas and viewing them all at the same time, plus it is shown side by side. This is a great extension for local SEO.
    • The Ghost Proxy Protocol extension is free, but proxies as a general rule are paid. Well, you can use the free proxies, but if you want to spend a bit, then, 10 dedicated proxies may cost you $20 monthly.

In conclusion, there are many browser extensions and plugins that were not included here like Show Title Tag and Tag Assistant. So far, these 5 plugins will give you a head start! If you need help with keyword tools, I have a list here.