How to Increase Website Views Without Posting New Content

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Yes. You have read the title right.

  • It is definitely possible to increase your page views without having to put up a new content. This is through using a platform that you, the creator, to edit your website’s contents efficiently.
  • Just a reminder that we will not let discuss WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.  It’s the WEBFLOW CMS that we will focus on. Webflow CMS is a great platform for your dynamic contents. Anytime you decide to make changes in the CMS, it automatically updates all the pages involved. This helps you gain full control over  everything you publish, its structure, and how it will reflect on your website.

Now let us proceed to the good stuff. Here is how we can double our page view without really publishing new contents:

  • We start by reviving our existing contents.
  • At Sweor, a ROI-Obsessed Minneapolis Digital Marketing and SEO Agency, they call this technique “The bike pump technique. “
  • This is in reference with their research on the one of their blog posts. Majority of those who did click the article bounced. Something was needed to be done ASAP. They decided that they should be rewriting and redesigning the whole blog post while improving its technical search engine optimization. After doing a major make-over the said blog post, the response doubled.

Here’s how to do it:


    How you present your content is important in making your content engaging to the users. You should publish content in a way that it appealing to your audience. Any part of the content should be understandable and worthy of their precious time.


    Group your contents. If information is very detailed and probably won’t change from time to time, then use static pages. If it’s something flexible, then design dynamic pages. It’s important to know what details are fixed and what are not.


    For a higher click-through rate for your articles, of course, the title needs to be compelling. No one wants a boring and vague title. Also, you need to provide an engaging excerpt or description. There should be an overview of what they can expect on the article. So, go and edit existing titles into something fascinating to the sight of your website viewers.


    When using graphs, you also need to provide specific details. Don’t make a vague infographic. Include details such as graph title, description, and images. The graph should be able to stand on its own. It should be understandable without you elaborate its contents.


    Webflow really helps with boosting your content because its provide a fast, safe, and reliable hosting. It is especially ideal for bulkier websites that have a lot of details and contents.


    When you upload an image or picture to your website, always choose the option to resize larger images. Edit them to a something smaller so that it will not affect the speed of your website and pages will load faster than expected.