How Unfavorable Reviews Affect SEO

We all experience this. Working so hard for a project you thought would really work and bring you on top, but then, you got unfavorable reviews. Ouch! That really hurts big time. The days after were dreadful and you begin to panic and did not know what to do.

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Do not think right away of the effort and money lost. They are, in fact, an aid to your search engine rankings. Puzzled? Here are the reasons why:

Unfavorable Reviews Adds to the Number of Reviews. Google does not only give several results and show the star for each, but it also shows the total reviews. This will escalate the social confirmations for your business. The reality is, having different opinions tells the search engines that your business is authentic.

There is a study that says that customers do not read each comment. They just need to know that you have good following before they convert and purchase.

SEO guidelines say that even the top sites also have unfavorable reviews. Of course, you should pay attention to unfavorable reviews to improve and a few of those will not destroy your business.  It might even help.

Unfavorable Reviews Can Really Escalate Your Authenticity. Who would really believe you when everybody is giving you favorable reviews? That isn’t normal.

Two studies showed that unfavorable reviews tend to be more realistic than super favorable reviews. The other study showed that restrained reviews are more credible than the super favorable reviews because this is where distrust comes in.

Clearly, a mix of unfavorable, restrained, and favorable reviews are more believable to consumers. This also means, they spend time in your website. And also, this will add to your search engine rankings after a while. Remember that the time spent by consumers at your page and how long they stay are two evaluative factors when your goal is to enhance your SEO.

Unfavorable Reviews Is a Chance to Develop a Relationship with Customers.

Unfavorable reviews give you a chance to do something about it. If it is a problem in customer service you can always rectify it. The customers will know that their concern is your concern too. If your customer is comfortable with you, they will do business with you.

The key factor to be remembered should be that unfavorable reviews are a chance to fix the problem and in doing so, you are correctly answering to unfavorable reviews.

Unfavorable Reviews Gives an Exact View of your Business.

People complain because they do not get what they expect to get. This shows that the word disappointment is important and needs attention. On the other hand, there is an advantage. This helps other would-be customers to know what you offer and what you do not offer. This too, will tell the customers how concern you are to address their disappointment.

Unfavorable Reviews Can Help You Formulate Another Game Plan. If you can store the facts in each unfavorable comment, you could assist to alter the goal of your SEO plan.

So, when you read these comments, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this customer want that we did not deliver?
  • Did we promise something that we did not fulfill?
  • What are the inquiries of this customer regarding our product or our establishment?
  • What kind of searches could bring another customer to my content?

So, deal with unfavorable comments and make sure you run a great business that people can trust and love. In the end, the favorable will outweigh the unfavorable.