The importance of Google Maps for your business

Today, when people are looking for information on just about anything from popular people to places, events and even flight schedules, the majority of them would rely on the Internet to satisfy their need. If you have a business, establishing an online presence is crucial. Your customers are looking for your business on the World Wide Web, and it is your job to be seen. It’s not to say that traditional methods of advertising are no longer useful because they still are. Having a web presence, however, has never been this important as more and more consumers turn to the Internet when looking for products and services. But creating a web presence doesn’t simply mean having a website that reflects your business. It also means having it listed on Google Maps, so people are aware of your business online.

So why Google Maps? It has a lot to do with Google’s current status as the God of all search engines. Simply put, if people are searching for a business or location, they turn to the almighty Google and its handy service called Google Maps. So let’s move on how Google Maps work for businesses.

Google Maps is basically a free map-based service from Google designed to make navigating the world faster and easier. It is also the perfect tool for locating certain addresses and includes a list of nearby businesses and provides directional guidance.  So if someone is new in town and wants’ to know where the nearest pizza joint is and where the hotels are, he will normally take out his smartphone and ask Google Maps for direction. If your business is not listed in Google Maps, then it won’t appear on his screen.

So your business will become part of Google Maps listings, use your Google My Business account. And make sure that your business is listed accurately, which means that the information about its address and business hours is correct. If you accomplish this, it would be easy for people to find your business online. What’s more, people don’t have to specifically look for your business to locate it. They can use broader search queries like car accident lawyer in Phoenix, and if you happen to be one, chances are you will appear in their search.

If you have your own website, then being part of Google Maps list will help tremendously in your traffic. Google Maps has the ability to put your website in favorable search engine rankings which makes it an effective marketing tool that will cost you zero dollars. In terms of sales, orders, bookings, and new customers, the potential is immense and you don’t even have to invest boatloads of cash in traditional advertising such as TV and radio ads and billboards. When you are a small business, nothing could be sweeter than having a marketing platform that is virtually cost-free such as Google Maps.

If you want to start harnessing the marketing potential of Google Maps for your business, create your Google My Business account today. To maximize its use, ensure that you are utilizing relevant keywords to generate significant descriptions that are engaging to customers. And don’t forget to promote reviews especially from customers who had a positive experience with your product or service. It’s also important to note that you are only allowed to post a limited amount of photos and videos about your business on Google Places. You are not allowed to have more than ten photos and five videos.

If you need help in integrating your business on Google Maps or about the intricate world of SEO in general, call our team today. We are always willing and ready to help you out.