The Importance of Thematic Sites for SEO


When thinking about content to put on one’s website, most people already have a fair idea of what to write. They already know what to share and have a grasp on how content should be delivered on a certain platform. However, if the website is intended to make a profit, or at least to attract visitors to ads of brick and mortar shops and stores, the acronym “SEO” is always thrown around.


While search engine optimization or “SEO” is essential for directing traffic to your website, it is not the “be all end all” of web content, especially when one wants to deliver a meaningful experience to the customers. Of course, keyword targeting, alt-links, and all that stuff related to SEO are a must so that your website would get noticed. However, thinking about the kind of content you put on the site is a must, too.


Operational and Thematic Content

If you are confident that you got the SEO essentials down to a T, then it is only a matter of delivering the “meat” of your website. Mostly this will fall into two categories— operational and thematic content.


Operational content is the kind of stuff that people need to know in case they wanted to hire you or use your services. It contains the basic stuff needed to contact you; the address of your main office, service area coverage, your business email, your phone number, and all the “essential stuff.”


For example, if you offer a service that fixes computers, your operational content may contain the fees you charge for a certain session. It may also include how far your technicians are willing to go to conduct on-site troubleshooting, as well as your business address and contact information, of course.


Thematic content is supposed to be the more interesting part of your website, and it has to be, for it will most likely be what drives traffic to your site. This type of content are write-ups that support the credibility of your business and boost your SEO rankings.


Continuing on the example of a computer reapir service, your site could market that you are the “best computer technicians in New Jersey.” Now, being that your company is “the best,” your website should also reflect web content that supports this claim. This is where thematic content comes in.


Examples of thematic content are tutorials, “how-to” articles, and other material that simply shows off your expertise in the given field. Your computer website can include articles on how to troubleshoot a computer that randomly shuts itself down, how to flash the BIOS, or how to deal with a blue screen error. The more content of this type on your site, the more Google’s crawl bot will associate it with computer repairs. As a result, the higher you will rank in Google for these search terms.


Given that you now know that two most important types of content for your site, you must not also forget to apply your knowledge of SEO for the articles you create. Thematic content is a powerful addition that could boost your site’s traffic, and with proper keyword targeting and rich, meaningful content, your site will be shooting up the ranks of Google web searches in no time!