How to do Keyword Research the Easy Way 

Do you find keyword research burdensome? If so, you’re probably making it harder than it needs to be. If you’re managing your business’ pay-per-click or SEO campaigns, you must know how to perform keyword research properly. It’s essential if you want to increase ROI from your campaigns.

Why we overcomplicate keyword search

Many business owners and PPC managers fall victim to this habit. Even though we have a wide range of tools available to simplify the process, the result is often the culprit. In just one click, a keyword search software will spit out thousands of potential keywords. Basically, the first step to research is easy-peasy. But when it comes to choosing the keywords you will use, that’s where things can become confusing.

Google recommends a maximum of 20 keywords per ad group. Still, it doesn’t mean you always need to hit the ceiling. You can use 10, 15, or anything less than 20.

Also, there’s no need to assess each keyword that the software will yield. This is time-consuming and you’ll just make the process complicated. Don’t let the minor details blindside you. Instead, opt for well-curated keywords that fit your ad group perfectly.

Stop wasting your time 

It’s easy to get lost in the middle of keyword research if you’re going to let yourself drown on blog posts and resources that use the same keywords. This will eat up your time and make the process way harder. Sure, you can look for low competition keywords with high traffic, but have you considered keyword intent?

Keyword intent is your lodestar when researching for keywords. It’s also the key to determine which keywords you need to use in the sea of options.

Take note that internet users will not search for a specific query for no reason. Their intent will fall into four different categories: navigational, transactional, informational, and commercial.

Ask yourself this: what’s the purpose of your ad campaign? Do you want to inform, or do you want to convert? From here, you’ll know which keywords suit your ad campaign.

Keyword research is always worth it

As much as you can shoot blindly with a bunch of keywords, researching ensures that your ads will become successful. You probably heard it, time and again, how important keyword research is.

Aside from targeting the right audience, the keywords you use will also impact your ad rank and quality score. Although testing is part of the process, you can cut the hassle by trimming down the unnecessary processes. Besides, if you’re only required to write a one-page essay, there’s no need to produce 10 pages. Sure, you want to impress, but you’ll end up getting the same grade as everyone else.

Final words

With the abundance of keyword research tools, you can easily find the best phrases to optimize. You just have to know your goal so you can perform the right process. Most of all, don’t overcomplicate things. Keyword research is crucial, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to spend all your time on it.