Why You Need Your Location on Your Website 

When creating a website, most business owners wonder if they should add their location or not. Others indicate it others don’t. As much as it’s a matter of preference, adding your location on your website actually brings in various benefits.

Your location affects your rankings, ad placements, and more. If you’re wondering why you should add your location on the website, here’s what you need to know:

It’s important for local ranking

For local businesses, adding your location on your website is an added way to be found by your customers. Take note that most customers will search for local businesses nearest to them. If your website doesn’t have any hint of its location, you’ll miss a great opportunity to be seen.


Using your location on your business website also complements with area-specific keywords. It’s a simple addition that will make a big difference in terms of ranking.

It’s an added brownie point from search engines

Search engines love it when you provide as much information as possible. It makes indexing easier, plus it increases the credibility of your business page.


Using your location actually makes your website more geo-friendly. You can use your postal address or a Google Map widget aside from location-specific keywords on your headers.


Although it’s not one of the leading ranking factors, a verifiable address boosts your credibility which will trickle down to your rankings.

It adds customer trust

Your business location gives customers the perception that you’re actually legitimate. This will be much easier if you put yourself on your potential customers’ shoes.


You’re searching for a specific business on Google. With that, you came upon this online store that also has a brick-and-mortar store. It says it has a physical store located in your locality. However, since the full address isn’t included, you decided to look for another option – the one that you can actually visit.


With this, your location also corresponds to customer trust, much so if you have a physical store or office.

It helps your customers

Another benefit of adding your location on your website is it helps customers get more accurate search results. Aside from increasing your business’ visibility, you’re also giving potential customers more options.


Also, it will help down gauge the business nearest to their location. This is very much important if you have multiple branches.

It’s ideal for businesses with multiple locations

For businesses with more than one location, adding the specific locations of your branches is a big plus. It will help Google crawlers index your pages better. Also, it will help customers identify if you’re servicing their area. It’s a win-win situation for every stakeholder.


Although you can’t place individual Google Map widget for each, you can use the location to update your business citations, GMB pages, and other business listings.

Final words

Adding your business location on your website is more important than what you think it is. It’s just basic information that will increase your ranking, customer trust, and searchability.