5 Tips to Increase Organic CTR (Part 2)

In The Link Between Organic Click Through Rate and SEO, I told you that improving can click through rate (CTR) can actually yield better rankings in Google. Then, I talked about the 3 Tips to Increase Organic CTR. For this the blog post, more CTR tips will be given. Are you ready?

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Aside from the web page you want to rank, you also have an opportunity to add your other site links. This is to conveniently guide users to the important parts of your website like the blog section, about us, contact page, and so on. These sitelinks appear when you search your brand in Google. If you don’t want them to show up, you can always choose to demote a page.


In the previous post, I told you that using the right keywords is important. This is the part where I tell you that your content also has to be correct. For instance, users search for music suggestions, but your article is about movie suggestions. I know it’s seems a no-brainer, but there are still people who commit this mistake. Google will always favor the relevant pages.

Call to Action

Your meta description should contain a strong call to action message. When users read your listing in the search results, it should motivate to do something. Adding phrases like “buy now”, “read this to know the secrets”, and so on.

Chapter Titles

If  you have a lengthy article, it helps to provide an area where users can easily jump from one section to the other. One article should contain headings and subheadings so that people can easily browse through without necessarily reading the whole thing. If they want to read the history section, they can jump to history part. If they want to know the product usage, they can go to that section in just a click. It saves time, and it is easy on the eyes!


Provide a general overview on what to expect. It helps to follow these guidelines:

  • For restaurants,
    • people would like to know the type of cuisine, the price range, the reviews, the star ratings.
  • For songs,
    •  they would like to know the lyrics, and they would like to hear a preview of the song.
  • For actual people,
    • they would like photos and contact details. Just like in Facebook, we would like to see what our friends are doing at the moment. We would like a glimpse of their daily lives.
  • For business establishments,
    • users would like to know the exact location and what people are saying about this business. Sometimes, people just want to visit the store that is near their area so it helps to provide a map also.
  • For food recipes,
    • people would love to see a video on how to prepare it. If not, a step-by-step procedure would do. Just be sure to completely list the steps from A to Z. It also help if you will indicate the time required to prepare the recipe.
  • For products sold online, 
    • users would be interested in looking at the pictures. Provide a high-quality photo, and if possible, show pictures of people using the product.