No Budget? Follow These Easy Tips from Our SEO Experts!

If you are in a hurry, I can tell you the tips in right away.

  • Start with content and write them excellently.
  • Next is content optimization.
  • Third tip is to consider the user experience.
  • Lastly, add backlinks to your website.

To be honest, that’s pretty much it. It seems easy to do, but it will need your patience and hard work.

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Yes, it is not difficult to apply, but it will take time to bear fruit. Thus, you have to be patient with its slow progress. If these SEO tips are done correctly, you can outrank even top companies. How do we do this? Let’s start with 2 things:

Speed IS extremely important.

Want to know a secret? Being a small company has its advantages. Top companies are enormous and they are gigantic enough that they can’t name each of their employees. There’s just too many departments under one business empire.

What does this tell?  The huge companies are slow. One small action may need the approval of several department heads.

What do they do to compensate for their slow process? They let money do the work. The truth is that spending more money does not guarantee top rankings and faster outcomes. They won’t gain results quicker just because they allotted more money to their business venture.

As a small business, swiftness your advantage. You don’t have to go to multiple steps to get things done. So, remember that speed should be your priority.

Once your company expands, things will be slower.

For bigger companies, they can’t assure speed because huge companies have thousands of employees to pay and they have numerous offices around the world. Website speed and SEO trends are not on their priority list because they have to run multiple offices and pay their employees.

Thus, they spend hefty sums of money in the hopes that money solves everything. They pay people to get backlinks and they subscribe to premium SEO tools to keep up with the changing times.

Of course, money is not the answer to everything.

So, while speed is on your side, take advantage of it. Move fast if you still can.

Resourcefulness > resources.

When you think of content writing and link building, you might to yourself that you need a lot of money.

No, not really. You can use your connections. That’s why, it is important to build long-lasting relationships along the way. People can help you grow.

If you need help with content, collaborate with other marketers in the field. They can do a guest post on your blog. You could always ask a friend to write for you because they might know something that you do not.

These things are something you can do. AND THEY ARE FREE BECAUSE YOU PERSONALLY KNOW THESE PEOPLE! Thus, learn to value relationships because they can help you whenever you need a boost. These guest writers will serve as your foundation.

Once you start to get traffic from all their backlinks, you can now ask people to contribute or write for you. Seeing that credible writers are contributing on your website, it will definitely convince other people to write as well.

Some websites even have a contribute section for people to sign up and write for free. It’s a strategy that everyone can do. You just need expand your network and reach out to people.

Organic promotion from actual people have more impact than paid promotion. So, don’t be discouraged that you don’t have money.

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