No Budget? Follow These Easy Tips from Our SEO Experts (Part 2)

Now that I talked about the 2 basic principles to need to apply, l will now proceed on the 3 easy tips that will have great results. SEO tips that won’t need little to no budget. It just requires your patience and dedication.

Tip #1: Get more traffic on the content you already have.

Writing more does not always guarantee more traffic for your website. More articles will increase your chances, but if all your write-ups are of poor quality, then, it’s all useless.

Google has changed how they look at content. With billions of blog posts available online, quantity will not win you tons of viewership. Focus on the quality and it is all up to Google now. We just have to follow the guidelines and that is to publish premium content.

Instead of using all your resources to writing more, you should just improve on the content you already have. You will get more views this way rather than publishing more pointless articles.

If you already have content that ranks well and get enough web traffic, just work on it more so that you get double or triple the views.  You will see noticeable results within 30 days or so. If not, give it around 60 days, and you will surely notice improvements.

laptop showing stats

Tip #2: Enhance not for web traffic.

Wait, what? Are you serious? Your website is there for traffic. Yes, that is true. You write blogs to get more views, but what about your revenue?

Yes, views are important. However, the more important question now is, “As your traffic increased, did you revenue also increase?”

For example, web traffic went up by 200%, but the revenue only increased by 20%. That’s not good. Remember, you are doing all these things to increase revenue. If you just aim to have better rankings, that’s a great goal to aspire. However, it all goes to waste if your revenue stays the same.

More than the views and rankings, you need check if web pages generate the needed revenue. Start using Google Analytics and they can help you with goal setting and tracking. This way, you can concentrate on the pages that bring in traffic and money.

Tip #3: Do it for page clicks.

I have a quick question, “What will happen if users click on the 3rd result instead of the top result?”

The answer is simple: Google will promote the 3rd search result to 1st place. It will take the cue from its users and bump up the page with the most number of clicks.

This serves as a lesson for everyone. No matter how great your content is, if people do not click your page, it will affect your ranking. So, stop doing it for rankings.

If users click your page more, then, that would be better rankings for your website. So, what can we do to boost the click-through-rates?

For one, edit your title tag and meta description. Try to formulate catchy title and engaging page descriptions. Give your readers an overview on what to expect once they click your page. If people see that the description is NOT what they looking for, then, they will find something better. Be specific when writing titles and descriptions.

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