Present Your Meta Description Using 3 Unique Ways

Writing page titles and meta description are more important than you think. What happens if you would not? You will definitely miss a lot. Martin Splitt, a Google webmaster, clearly stated the importance of crafting unique titles and descriptions. As he said, “Having the same title (or description) is bad.” Read my article on the summary of SEO Mythbusters here.

writing meta descriptions

So, in this post, I will help you in writing your own meta description. What the different ways in making these descriptions distinct? Here they are:

  1. Why don’t you ask a question?
  • Why do people tend use search engines? Yes, that’s right. It’s because that a question waiting to be answered.
  • You can ask the searchers questions such as, “Do you want to know quick and easy to do SEO tips?”, “What’s the latest on SEO this 2019?”, or “Want to learn about the building a website without being an expert coder?
  • These questions will definitely pique the interest of the searchers. It tells them that your web page can provide the answer to these questions. Whatever you topic may be, it’s always helpful to inform the readers that you have answers their questions.
  • This is particularly helpful when you are out of ideas. To be honest, this also my go-to meta description format when I’m having a hard time in conjuring attention-grabbing words.
  1. Be very specific.
  • Meta description should have clarity. Tell your audience what they are going to get upon clicking your page. Who cares if you are selling a shirt? You just need to be clear that this shirt is ideal for bookworms. It features hand painted designs from your favorite books.
  • Now, that emphasize that your audience are the book nerds and the bibliophiles. If you don’t specify a thing or two, searchers might think that you are just another website. So, be clear at all times. Be very clear on what you are selling and who your target customers are as to not confuse the public.
  1. Tell the world your unique selling point.
  • It’s important to know your company’s USP. This makes you market your products better, and this enables you to make an effective meta description to all your web pages.
  • Your audience can clearly identify you from all the other companies out there. A unique selling point could be an additional service you provide. It could be adding more product features. It could be emphasizing on the quality of your products.

Let’s take a look at Better World Books.

  • An example would be Better World Books (BWB). This company is known for its FREE worldwide shipping. No matter where you are, BWB ships for free. Whether you order a box of books or only 1 book, you are sure that they won’t add an additional charge for shipping.
  • Not a lot of websites offer free shipping to any country so this is definitely a unique selling point for BWB. They also have a “One for One” policy just like TOMS shoes.  Adding emphasis this USP makes Better World Books are better option for bookworms. Customers can buy their next favorite book, and at the same, customers get to be instruments of change.