2019 SEO Trends that Would Still Be Relevant Next Year (Part 1)

You know what’s important regarding SEO today? It’s none other than: CONTENT. If you missed the first SEO Mythbusters episode, Martin Splitt reiterated the importance of content quality. If you want Google to recognize your website, you better start working on polishing your content. Add various digital media files to your blog posts and experiment on your writing style.

SEO Strategy Planning

Ready to read some tips? Here are some SEO trends you need to apply right now:

  1. Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Content.

Your ranking is not constant. Just because you are number 1, it does not mean you are number 1 tomorrow. These numbers constantly changes no matter how hard you try. You can’t have the top spot forever.

Google is always looking for new websites that are relevant and that are providing useful information to the users. They will rank the websites that they think their users are visiting lately. They will put these websites on top so that the next time that users will search for the same thing they will immediately see it.

When you are on the first page of the search engine results, it could mean that some other website created a better page that the users prefer. So, update these pages in order for them to the newly ranked pages.

If you have outdated content, these things will bring you down. Better to cut ‘em down or edit to keep up with the changing times. More articles are getting really specific. Writers present statistics, surveys, facts, and actual examples that are relevant to the users.

You always get what you deserve. So, if are constantly give shallow and half-baked articles, then, you would get shallow results as well. People will just skim through these pages and hit the ‘x’ button as soon as possible.

Aim to get the attention and interest of your readers. Because if you don’t have it, all your content will be deemed irrelevant. Thus, no gains for you whether in views, page clicks, and revenues.

  1. Add More Resources on Content Research and Creation.

There’s a B2C research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, and it clearly states that 56% of content marketers spent more resources on content creation in the past year. It would mean that in 2019, these companies are determined to:

  • Plan carefully the scope of their content.
  • Research on the relevant keywords that people are looking for.
  • Writing and optimizing the content.
  • Editing and enhancing the said content.
  • Adding multimedia files to their content.
  • Of course, advertising their content on multiple social media channels.

Google Trends can vouch that indeed content marketing has upgraded. People won’t settle for mediocre articles. They want a well-researched blog, and companies are finally listening to what they want.

More money and resources are now allocated in creating excellent content. How can you write a high-quality blog post that readers would take time to look at? I’ve listed some tips in simplifying content right here. If you need to know more about 10 Secrets In Writing Content, just click here.