Why Small Businesses Should Consider Email Marketing

Small businesses that want to reach a wider audience as possible will thrive on email marketing. This may sound like an expensive campaign, but it can be cost-efficient and worth it if done correctly. Aside from social media, email is a great way to connect to potential customers.

In fact, businesses that shy away from email marketing are missing out on a powerful lead generator. Here’s why you should consider email marketing for your small company:

Email marketing is budget-friendly

For businesses with barely any budget for advertisements and marketing, email campaigns are the best choice. It requires very little to zero financial investment. Aside from that, an email marketing campaign is undemanding to maintain.


You can enjoy the same marketing exposure without having to spend thousands of dollars on fees and subscriptions.

It builds credibility

Email content sends a strong and credible message to your target leads. This platform lets you share informative and useful content, aside from your sales pitch and offers.


This is the same reason why brands use newsletter subscriptions for their customers. Aside from giving out information, you’re also capturing their emails for future use.

It builds your brand

There’s no doubt that email marketing is a great way to build your brand. It lets you come up with your identity and customized content based on the demographics and browsing behavior of your leads.


Aside from other marketing strategies, email is an indispensable tool that even small businesses should utilize. It allows your business to be seen.

It reaches leads across devices

In this mobile era, email marketing never fails to keep up. In fact, about 48% of emails are opened using mobile devices. Also, 64% of decision-makers will read their emails using a mobile device.


Just take note that optimization should also come hand in hand on your emails. If not, there’s a 69% chance that the receiver will delete it.

It drives more traffic to your website

Aside from putting out your products or services out there, email campaigns allow you to direct traffic to your website. Various integrations will let you connect your social media pages and website link to every email. With this, it opens up to better connectivity and variety for your leads.

It boosts sales conversion

Email is an excellent way to nudge your leads into your sales funnel. Once they land on your website, your sales funnel is at work. If structured well, these email-generated leads will actually witness conversion.

You can integrate email with other tools

Like what’s mentioned above, you can integrate email with social media, scheduling tools, AI software, and more. With this, you can launch campaigns and monitor it 24/7 without having to stare on your screen the whole time.

Your competitors are doing it

You might be surprised, but most of your competitors are actually utilizing email campaigns. It’s a tried and tested method, plus it’s very easy on the pocket.

All you need is a little knowledge of the process and how it works. If you can’t handle the campaign, you can tap the help of a lead expert to do it for you.