Social Media Traction and the 8 Ways to Develop It

The conventional online methods are no longer effective. You cannot depend on your website, PR writing, or your ads the way you used to. The current approach is to be able merge all of these things and make use of social media as the anchor of media marketing to make known your presence in the scene. Social media is the best place to where a lot of people assemble.

social media apps on a smartphone

social media apps on a smartphone


It is building your ranking to get more audience in your site using social media. Well, you can do everything you know but if you do not elevate it the right away, frequently, and continually on social media, then do not expect an audience. You need to build social media traction and all these things will work. It is all about people and contact.


During the height of the success of Google in 2000 to 2009, people passed their time in the internet. They pulled the information for themselves searching at Google or if what they searched were pressed to them by advertising, PR, or marketing. The outcome of which were rich in content websites and blogs did prospered luring a lot of audience without really working on it.


Since people spend a lot of time in social media like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, people could search for something there. Most of the time, they look at something that appeared on their mobile screens, and eventually, they become enthralled by it.


Study shows that the ones that are shared in social media are those sweet, funny things or something that can make people angry. Is your business the type who will benefit from this? So, what happens now if people will ignore your brand or at worst, unfollow you?


It is also known as internet advertising. Content is only noticed if it is funny or sweet though. Usually, people will not remember the brand.


The one sure solution is to go social. If you do want to generate SEO, then it is the only way to go. But that is only the first step. The second step is using a social traction. So, the question now is… how to come up with a social media traction.

  • Build an interconnecting set of posts and place it in the various social media platforms
  • Elevate the social media profile and check it every day.
  • Make a catchy headline with an equally catchy content so that your readers will be moved to share it to others.
  • Develop a community that are dedicated to all the content you produce.
  • Don’t just advertise offline; utilize social media to reach more audience.
  • Do the right social media marketing because Google is watching.
  • Create a plan that optimizes the correct time and content targeting the correct audience and allow them to work jointly to develop a traction perfect for your brand.
  • Be constant and sustain the energy. It is difficult to build again a community of engaged people and create SEO and leads in sales than to sustain the energy or momentum that you have already built.