The Top SEO Mistakes Committed by Numerous SEO Companies

Often, SEO companies would boast that they can make websites be the top result. In terms of search ranking positions, they can surely do it for their client’s websites. How about their own sites? As an SEO company, can they genuinely do the same for their own website?

According to, they discovered that SEO companies and agencies do not exactly practice what they preach. Why? Because, for one, 70% of the 30 marketing companies do not have a fast page load time.

SEO companies having a meeting

Do the marketing companies follow their own advice?


The said research, conducted by, was able to analyze 30 marketing / SEO companies and these were the 5 common SEO mistakes.

  1. 70% of the SEO companies do not guarantee a fast page speed.
  2. 63% of the SEO companies had a poor internal linking system.
  3. 57% of the SEO companies had low-quality pages indexed by Google.
  4. 52% of the SEO companies had pages with mediocre content.
  5. 47% of the SEO companies had pages with no focus keywords or are NOT optimized for the appropriate keyword.


  • As you can see, 70% of the companies have slow page speed. On average, the website only got 41/100.
  • If you refer to the Google’s PageSpeed Insights page, you will learn that a score of 90-100 is fast, 50-89 is average, and anything below 49 is slow.
  • Page speed is not something you should ignore. In fact, many users regard SPEED as an important factor in a website. So, go to the Google’s PageSpeed Insights page and input your URL to check your website’s speed.


  • Next is the problem of internal linking. 63% of the websites had problem with their internal links. With no internal linking system, it’s hard to say that a website is UNITED.
  • In reality, a website has to be cohesive. It has to work as one.
  • For Google to understand how your website works, there should be an interconnection of related pages.


  • If we dig deeper, 70% of the websites, found on the 2nd page of the Google search results, had obvious indexing issues. On the 3rd page of the SERPs, the numbers went up to 75%!
  • About 57% of SEO companies had pages indexed that are unnecessary. Pages such as an empty or under construction, a thank you page, and several pages with NO relevance should not have been submitted.


  • More than half of the SEO companies had poor content. 52% of the websites had content that’s not useful to the readers. In fact, there were pages with no text at all!
  • Obviously, this is just wasting away your user’s precious time.
  • On the first page of the SERP, only 13% had inferior content. However, on the 3rd page, 1/3 of the websites had irrelevant content.


  • Lastly, we have the keywords. Nearly 50% (47% to be exact) of SEO companies did not optimize or add relevant keyword to the web pages.
  • Also, header tags were used. To highlight important keywords, you should use the H1 to H6 options. This also serves as a division of your texts. You can’t just paste a slab of text. How are people supposed to read that? Of course, they would ignore that huge chunk of boring text!
  • Whatever keywords you are ranking for, it should reflect on your landing page.