Useful Pointers to Increase Website Speed (Part 1)

This is a fast-paced life and online users would like to find everything they are looking for in a snap.

It was in 2010 when Google made public the PageRank algorithm and page speed is the biggest ranking element. Not only that, there are also studies that states: 53% of mobile users quit if the page cannot load within 3 brief seconds.

Car running at a lightning speed

There is an obvious connection between visitor retention, the speed of your website, and the bounce rate. The speed of the website helps to gaining more visitors.

This is the reason why page speed should be the top concern for your site. If you have a slow loading time, the search engines cannot crawl the pages. There are a lot of advantages of increasing your page speed.

The 3 main reasons are listed below:
  1. Boost user experience
  • Google studies show that even just a tiny problem in terms of loading time of will affect the users’ satisfaction by 16%. Meanwhile, 79% of users will not purchase your service or product if your whole website is slow.
  • Users will leave the site specifically if the loading time is too long. Having a swift loading pages can allow users to lead and search the content of your website.
  1. A finer and complete marketing performance 
  • There was a study that reported that 67% of online shoppers will leave their basket if loading takes time. Nevertheless, if there is a one second improvement, your conversion rate can go up between 10 to 20%.
  • If you want to have a huge traffic, then your page speed should be fast enough. The studies done by Google tells us that a deferment of only one second can decrease your web traffic by 20%.
  • More than ever, you need to improve the speed of your website if you want to enhance your site’s conversion rate.
  1. A better SERP positioning
  • Let’s go back to the improved Google’s PageRank algorithm. As discussed earlier, the entire website speed and the page loading time are all important.
  • Additionally, website speed will be influential in the number of views a site gets. Considering all these factors will surely give you a better rank in the search results.
  • The great thing about fast web page loading is that Google’s crawlers can look at your site faster. Because of this, a lot of individual pages have an opportunity to rank in SERP.

Numerous Ways to Speed Up Your Website

There are many ways of speeding up your page for you to see the real possibilities of your business site.

  • Compress Files:

    • For you to accomplish this, try using the tool Gzip. This could lessen the size of HTML OR CSS files. Take note, you should not use Gzip when it comes to images as the quality may not be retained.
  • Lessen Redirects:

    • Do not allow a great number of redirects on your website because there will be more HTTP requests. In turn, this will slow down your page speed. Also, repair your broken links because this will affect your users’ experience.

That’s it for now. I will cut the discussion short and I will share more tips on Useful Pointers to Increase Website Speed (Part 2)