Scottsdale Web Design – Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for an SEO-Friendly Website (Part 2)

In Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for an SEO-Friendly Website (Part 1), I already discussed 5 reasons why WordPress is the best chpoce for SEO.

WordPress reflected on a laptop monitor

Today, I shall discuss 4 more reasons. Here they are:

  1. WordPress Easily Integrates Your Social Media Campaigns

Today, social media is really huge tool in selling your brand because everyone seems to be on social media. Additionally, your social media efforts in a way affect your SEO. Hence, you should utilize social media to work together to achieve your online marketing success. Luckily, there’s WordPress to assist you in this specific endeavor.

With WordPress, you can add social media buttons in your blog posts so that web visitors can simply share what they have just read in your site. You can even put a real-time social media feed on your website!

  1. WordPress Has Great Plugins Created Particularly for SEO

Just install the needed plugins and SEO won’t be much of “foreign” subject to you. So, I will list some of the finest SEO plugins that WordPress has.

Yoast SEO

It’s no wonder that Yoast SEO downloads have reached millions it has made SEO easy even for the general public. What are the things that Yoast SEO can do for you?

  • With its focus keyword feature, you can create content that fits your keywords.
  • Ensures that your content is readable for the web crawlers, and the users.
  • Editing the page title and meta description is made easy in just one spot!

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin can generate an XML sitemap for you. Use the Google XML sitemap plugin to improve SEO. The created sitemaps will aid search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo to better crawl and index your website.

Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin is created by MonsterInsights. Majority of WordPress users choose it because:

  • There’s no need to switch to your WordPress site and your Google Analytics page. No need to go back and forth!
  • This plugin provide detailed stats, and you will easily know the pages that perform well.
  • Lastly, you will know the number of clicks your ads and links get.
  1. Simple to Incorporate WordPress with Other Tools

You know another advantage that WordPress has? It can connect with other tools such as Google Analytics Tools and Yoast SEO. Aside from these popular tools, WordPress can also work well with these tools listed below:

    • ConvertKit – a tool for creating landing pages, emails, sign up forms
    • Sucuri – a security to safeguard your WordPress website
    • G Suite – this is Google’s all-in-one solution for emails, documents, and storage.

With these amazing tools in your site, it will surely improve user engagements, which will further boost your SEO rank.

  1. WordPress Has a Wide Array of Themes

Yes, keywords, page titles, and meta descriptions are vital.

One big thing that search engine looks for is a great webpage design. WordPress has a wide array of themes.

Utilizing WordPress, you will not worry about site design because all you need to do is select an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, and web crawlers will come running to your website!