Scottsdale Web Design – Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for an SEO-Friendly Website (Part 1)

WordPress continues to grow since it started in 2003 and has gained 34% of all the website shares.  In fact, WordPress 5.3 has been downloaded 42,698,981 times as of writing this article.

woman in black sweater using WordPress on a macbook pro

Why the huge success? Of course, there are many reasons why. WordPress is the finest content management system (CMS) for SEO. So let us find out why.

  1. WordPress Centers on the User’s Journey

The plugins and themes of WordPress unite in order to be user-friendly to the general public, and not only to the tech experts. And the proof is that, visitors choose to stay longer in the site, which results to the diminishing of the website’s bounce rate.

  1. WordPress Permits You to Customize Your Own Permalinks

With this feature, it is effortless to edit your website’s permalink. You can quickly plug the keywords in URL. So, it is not just permalink looking fantastic and educational; it does assist the search engines too.

  1. WordPress Makes Metadata Effortless to Handle

Page titles and meta descriptions enhance how search engines identify the significance of your website. It aids the search engine crawlers in the comprehension on what your webpages are about.

Inserting pertinent keywords to your metadata will help you to have a better chance to rank for the keywords you added.

How do you think WordPress promotes the optimization of metadata? With WordPress, you gain access to a plugin like Yoast SEO. Plugins such as this will help you customize your page title and meta description in just a few clicks.

  1. Image Optimization Becomes Easy with WordPress

Your blog posts become more appealing when you put in one or two images. When used, images do not only make it just interesting, but make it readable.

When you utilize WordPress, you can use images as tools and not just decorations.

Below are the three means to optimize images for greater SEO scores:

  • It permits you to add alt text for every image. So, you can add certain keywords as explanations that will capture the attention of the web crawlers.
  • If you want something automated, then, you can even utilize a plugin that systematically creates the alt text for your images.
  • It can rescale your images to avoid the webpages to load slowly.
  1. No Slow Loading Time on Any WordPress Websites

One of Google’s ranking element is page speed. Therefore, if your site demonstrates a slow or turtle-paced speed, it will not only discourage the users, but it will likewise lower your ranking on the SERPs.

But do not lose hope because WordPress provides incredible plugins that will assist you to have a faster website. As an example, there is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin, which condenses the images or PDF documents on your website.. This way, your load time will surely be much better.

There is another option when you need a speed boost, and this tool is called WPOptimize. It cleans the unnecessary files, compresses your large images, and caches your website. All these features will help you have a faster and better website.


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