How do you write a high-quality blog post?

If there’s one digital marketing tactic that gurus will tell you to do over and over again it is to write high-quality blog posts. Doing so, you should be able to get more traffic from Google, get your audience to trust you and increase sales from your website.

But how do you write these mythical high-quality blog posts?

Here’s a secret: it’s going to take you longer than half an hour at your keyboard. Creating great blog posts takes time and effort. Here’s exactly what you need to do.

Always have a reason

You need to have a reason to create blog posts. Blog posts without a reason behind them won’t be high-quality by definition — they are serving no purpose. Are you trying to explain a topic? Introduce a new feature? Or educate your audience? Whatever your purpose, make sure you are clear on it before you start writing.


Keep your audience in mind

You need to know who you are writing for as well as why you are writing. A great blog post is written with a specific   in mind. That’s because it allows you to get into the weeds and really tailor the information to a specific set of people. Only then can you make sure your content is as relevant as possible.


Be an expert on your topic

If you aren’t an expert on the topic you are writing about, you probably won’t write a great blog post. You can get around this if you are a great researcher, but most business owners don’t have the time to complete in-depth research. That’s why you should stick to what you know and only write about the topics that you know like the back of your hand. In doing so, you can make sure every post is as useful as possible.


Be unique

High-quality blog posts are unique. There’s no room for cookie-cutter content at this level. If your content doesn’t stand out from everything else written about the topic, then there wasn’t any point writing it. There are loads of ways to be unique. You can take a different perspective from everyone else. You can go into more detail than ever before. You can even write about things no one has written about. Whatever you do, make sure you’re unique.


Write in detail and keep it quality

Some writers try to aim for a set number of words. This is the wrong approach. When you aim for a certain word count, you can end up scrabbling around for content in an attempt to hit it. Needless to say, this extra content won’t be quality. Instead, keep your writing concise and to the point. Don’t try and write 1500 words when 750 will do. It doesn’t need to be long to rank well.

Keep these five points in mind when you’re next writing a blog post and you’ll be sure to write something that is very high quality that your readers will love.