3 Backlink Tools to Assess Link Quality

We all know a healthy backlink profile will keep your website be at the top of the game. After Google added the Penguin algorithm update, it became more apparent that link quality is essential, and not just the hefty quantity.  Fortunately, it is easier to evaluate and to study  backlinks because the tools available online.

guy analyzing reports on the monitor

If you are already curious, here are they:

1. URL Profiler

  • If you need to process bulk data and you need an all-in-one tool, URL Profiler is created to provide just that. URL Profiler is not just designed for backlinks, but it can also know Google penalties, audit content and links, track keywords, and look for new backlink opportunities.
  • With its backlink analyzer, it can help you to go easily through a series of links. Then, you will know the destination URL, the link type, the anchor texts used.
  • So, you can really see if a link is merely created to cause spam and disrupt the organic flow of keywords.
  • Once you get the data you want, you can export the important figures to an Excel file. With this detailed report, you can clearly understand the analysis, know the link score, get the contact details of the websites that provided backlinks, and many more.
  • You are sure that every single backlink is accounted for. To wrap up, URL Profiler is an advanced tool for your growing needs. For only $19.95, you can avail of its solo plan. Moreover, there’s no need to subscribe to multiple services because URL Profiler gives you everything that you need.

2. Monitor Backlinks

  • For this tool, you are given a 30-Day FREE trial to see if Monitor Backlinks fits your needs. The starter plan is available for as low as $25 per month.
  • As the name suggests, Monitor Backlinks is made to check for backlinks on your website or even on a rival website.
  • What can you do with Monitor Backlinks?
    • Search and monitor backlinks
    • Get the Google keyword rankings
    • It lets you know of your own backlink profile
    • Lastly, this tool helps you to generate reports and give you insights on the competing sites.
  • When a competitor is ranking for a new keyword, you will know right away and you can immediately take action. You will know what topped the search results. So, you will NOT fall behind.
  • Monitor Backlinks does not only strengthen your backlink profile, but it also has a clean interface. The dashboard is not complicated to navigate. There are graphs to help you create a visually appealing report so that your clients can easily understand what you are trying to point out.

3. Mention

  • The great thing about Mention is that it has a free version. Though it’s not entirely focused on backlink analysis, Mention really is more of a social media brand analysis tool. However, it does not mean it is terrible.
  • To be honest, Mention actually enables you to know good backlink opportunities. With the free account, you can monitor 250 mentions in one social media account. That gives you a good start already!
  • For the paid version, you can login to multiple accounts and monitor countless of mentions. If you choose to pay $83 for the starter pack, it will allow you to see results of 5,000 mentions on both web and social media. Additionally, Mention can help you find keyword-based mentions in real-time.
  • Not only that, Mention has an influencer discovery tool. So, it means that can help in searching for digital influencers and other people who can help spread the word.
  • If you want to monitor keywords on social media and focus on social media campaigns, then, Mention is the right tool for you!