The Biggest Misconceptions of SEO Beginners

Millions of company owners and marketers are not using SEO despite the fact that a big number of SEO professionals are endorsing its potency.

boy holding book and looking confused

The reason for this is that a lot of the people has one significant issue regarding using SEO. Here’s a list of the few issues that SEO beginners are concerned about:

  1. ROI
  • Everybody especially the beginners are concerned of the actual ROI of the SEO approach. To be honest, it does take quite a long time and a lot of effort to see good ranking. And that is not all, beginners are also concern of the conversion rates.
  • True, these reasons are to some degree reasonable, but SEO is a scheme that is adaptable and purposely for long a duration of time. Now, if you don’t see what you expect to see, then try thinking of other ways to enhance your strategy. You might even amaze yourself with a positive result.
  1. Investment of Your Precious Time
  • It is a long-term scheme with SEO. You will need plenty of time like even months. You’d probably breathe SEO while giving your precious time in it just to optimize your website. You could also spend a lot of dollars to hire an SEO firm to do the job for you. If you have limited resources to learn SEO, well, you could start in basic shifts like your website’s framework and visibility. That can be of great help to give you the right footing.
  1. Technical SEO
  • If you are not sure of the potency of SEO, that means you do not really have the “technical know-how”. SEO probably will scare you out of your wits. You could always research about it and learn a little bit more. Remember, knowledge is power and in time, you are ready to sink your teeth in it.
  1. Fines and Fees
  • Just reading fines can scare not just the beginners but even the experts. The coming of Panda and Penguin,  Panda observes the content while Penguin looks after the quality of the links, scares the newbies in SEO. They think  with one error their ranking will dive to the pits.
  • Another truth to it is the fact that Google does gives a fine right away. Only under the most conspicuous situation like deliberately and frequently exploiting the ranking. Then, you have the right to be scared because Google will not spare you.
  1. Public View
  • Business owners are worried that their customers will know that they have used SEO to have traffic. This means, they look at SEO as a low trickery scheme that may affect the trust of the public in a negative way.
  • Well, this is true back in 1999. Today, the climate has changed. SEO was developed on a framework that gives excellent content to their users to rank high.
  1. The Target Keywords
  • Listen, search is like one big universe so there are thousands of keywords and subjects you could pick from. And when you do, this will show you if you made it or not.
  • But before you start having those negative thoughts, remember that you can pick your aimed words in the basis of rivalry, volume, pertinence or a blend of all those mentioned. Again, you could freak out, if you are a beginner, but give yourself time. Once you get into the keyword research, you will find yourself understanding the whole process.