3 Tips on How to Effectively Use Photos in Increasing Your Conversion Rate

As what I’ve discussed previously, photos help in conversion. This time around, I will give some specific examples for you. I will be sharing some tips on how to choose what photos to include and not to include.

Numerous Photos on the Table

Numerous Photos on the Table

Photos bring color to your website so do not undermine their ability to convert window shoppers to actual customers. Choosing the right photos can definitely help you interact better with your audience, and help get your message across more clearly. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Choose a photo that shows emotions.

  • Humans are emotional beings. We smile if we see a smiling photo. Whether the emotions is happy, sad, angry, or scared, choose a photo that clearly expresses the emotion you want to convey.
  • If you want your customers to take action, encourage them through powerful photos. They will definitely work. How can people ignore a smiling photo? Trust me; it’s hard not to notice. People will surely not ignore it.
  • In fact, a lot of people buy items just because it made them feel good. It’s as simple as that.
  • When you are adding an emotion to a photo, you are making your customers experience what it’s like to use the product. People will buy your product because there’s an emotion attached to it.

A mascot is a pretty good idea.

  • Your favorite team probably has a mascot. However, mascots are not exclusively for sports teams. Websites, now, have mascots too. Did you notice the fox on Firefox? The famous browser has a fox circling the globe. Mailchimp has a chimp (or chimpanzee) for a mascot. These brands are definitely popular in their own respective fields.
  • These mascots are part of a website’s branding. People can easily identify your website through your mascot. How does a mascot exactly boost your conversion rate?
    • It can make your website more notable, and it will definitely stand out.
    • It easier to invoke emotions. Because your mascot has a face, you effortlessly add the much needed emotion.
  • Consider having one in your site too! It’s not expensive, and it will greatly impact your brand.

Add a human touch.

  • When people see a human face on your photos, there’s an immediate connection. You don’t need to explain further because they can clearly see a familiar face.
  • For example, Beyonce is your product endorser. I’m pretty sure sales will skyrocket because it is Beyonce we are talking about here. No matter what the product is, loyal fans will buy the product right away.
  • Look, you don’t need to get a famous celebrity to model for your brand. The point here is that your product feels tangible, real, and attainable when you add photos of people.
  • When you feature people using your product, other people can immediately see the connection. They would be like, “Oh, that looks useful. I need that product in my life.”
  • You might think it’s not much, but adding a face to a photo will definitely increase your website’s conversion rate. You will surely click on a photo of a smiling baby over a photo of a quilted blanket.

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