How Images Help in Boosting Your Conversion Rate

Images play an important role in converting mere web visitors to loyal customers. It shouldn’t be on the sidelines. If you are not putting some thought on the images you use on your website, then, you are making a huge mistake.

Photo of Woman Looking at the Mirror

Images should be able to entice people to come and check out your site. If it’s unable to move people, then, you are wasting valuable resources. In this post, I will explain further on how images can help increase your conversion rate. Read the 2 main reasons below:

  • There’s a sense of warmth.

    • When you post pictures of people, web visitors can’t help but empathize. It’s seems easier to connect or relate if you see a person’s face.
    • According to one research that studied the relationship between patients and doctors. The doctors shared that they felt connected to patients who had their photos attached than to patient who had no photos. Moreover, the doctors revealed that they changed for the better. They treated patients with more understanding.
    • Same is true with online businesses and customers. So, as a business owner, ask yourself, “How can you interact with customers from around the world?” Unlike the doctors in the research, you won’t be able to see your customers one by one.
    • The solution for this is to communicate through images. It’s difficult for your customers to you relate to you if they don’t see something familiar.
    • So, whether you are selling a product or you are promoting a service, add images that will encourage them to your interact with your brand.
    • If you look clearly at numerous sites, you will notice that they add pictures of their staff. Perhaps, they will also feature pictures of customers browsing their shelves.
  • Photos make you believe on something!

    • When there’s an attached photo, people would most likely believe it.
    • For example, when you say Michael Jackson is alive and attach an old photo of him sitting on the couch, people would believe it. If not, they would be curious enough to click the article.
    • In a snap, people would believe something especially if you add photos. People won’t read the facts; they will immediately study the photo. At first, they will ask, “Is this true?” When they see a photo, they will change their minds and say, “Oh yeah, it looks true. It must be true!”
    • If you apply this principle to your website, you need make it a point to create realistic looking photos of your products. It will help in gaining your customers’ trust. If see they see clear and vibrant photo of your product, they will most likely click it.
    • Have you notice that the ebooks on Amazon have covers like physical books? When you try to look inside, did you notice that the page curl animation is similar to flipping an actual book? It makes you imagine that a digital book is like a real book. It’s easy to convince customers now because they can picture the products. The idea doesn’t seem farfetched anymore.

Adding images of the smiling faces, cute babies, and beautiful people really help in encouraging people to click. Take time in developing product photos, banners, and posters for your website because it will definitely increase trust. That would mean plus points for you!