4 Quick Tips to Improve Content (Part 2)

The best way to improve content is knowing what your audience actually wants. The more you know about the things they like, the more you can produce content that appeals to an audience. Know how your content or how your products make a difference. Ask them what they love seeing, and what they wish to see in the near future. So, these are quick tips in order to improve the blogs you post.

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  1. Sprinkle some fun.

  • If you read part 1, I mentioned there that digital media does not necessarily follow the usual suit. So, try to relax because your blog posts do not need to sound formal every time you talk about a topic.
  • When the subject is light, loosen up and add amusing details like emojis for example. Emojis does not mean that your content is totally low-grade. To be honest, emojis aren’t necessarily bad for your content. There’s even a study that proved emojis help in getting emails opened. People open emails more when they see an emoji on the subject line.
  • This totally disproves that adding a funny GIF or inserting a sticker message makes content quality poor and third-rate. In fact, it’s showing the exact opposite. I think people are craving for more light, delightful, and humorous content.
  1. The lesser, the better.

  • Just because your post is longer, it does not mean that it’s automatically better. Various platforms make things shorter. Look at Instagram for example. The videos on Instagram are only limited to a few seconds. The maximum video duration would be around a minute. So, make use of the limited time given.

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  • Don’t think that you have an hour to explain your point. Be short and concise on whatever it is you are trying to point out. You don’t need to back up your statement with a lengthy paragraph. Time is an important aspect among readers. You should be able to inform people within a short period of time.
  1. Choosing the basic option.

  • Most of the time, we think that tweaking formatting options are one sure way to enhance content. Well, sometimes, choosing the simplest option is the best decision.
  • Altering little details like the typography, the text size, and the spacing between texts could have a huge impact. The blog post could end up straining the eyes of your readers.

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  • Take notice of these little yet important aspects of a blog post. Don’t drastically implement a change of formatting style. Don’t pressure yourself to tweak the settings to enhance the look. Opting for the basic options is the best choice you could ever make.
  1. Combine topics.

  • Sometimes content fails to connect with your audience because you are trying to link 2 totally unrelated topics. What is the relevance of baking to singing, or windows to books?
  • If you want your posts to be engaging, you should be able to establish a connection between the topics you will write about. Find ways of correlating differing topics even to the seemingly unimportant details. Make it intriguing for your audience, and add something funny or comical if you have to.