4 Tips in Promoting Your Facebook Page

Lately, Facebook has made a buzz. In February 5, 2019, Cheddar.com reported that Facebook acquired its first company in the blockchain realm. Prior to this, Cheddar also published last May 2018  that Facebook plans to create its own cryptocurrency. Is this how we will do business in the future? Most probably!

Humble Beginnings

In 2004, Facebook just started as a school-based social network. Mark Zuckerberg and his friend Edward Saverin worked on Facebook while they were studying at Harvard University. Of course, like any business venture, it would not immediately become popular. Back then, Myspace was the famous choice among Americans. However, things changed in the beginning of 2006. Since then, Facebook has been making waves and has been the center of media attention because it was starting to build its own digital business empire.

Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles

How do you promote a business on Facebook?

With that being said, businesses have more exposure when it is on Facebook. You can’t deny how Facebook boosts online visibility. Whatever business you have, Facebook can surely increase the number of your loyal fans. Thus, here are 4 important tips to know in order to improve your Facebook page.

1.        Treat the Page as a Mini Website

The Facebook page in itself is a complete package. You can posts links, photos, and videos. It also allows real-time interaction with your customers. These people can easily inquire about a product or service. Not only that, Facebook now supports online transactions. With its SHOP feature, people can buy anything in just a click.

So, stop treating it as a digital portal of your website because it can function on its own. You can merge your business website and your Facebook page to create a more interactive experience for your customers.

2.       Promote Your Facebook Page

Of course, all your hard work will go to waste if you do not advertise it. As much as possible, promote your page by adding the Facebook page link on your website, promoting it on your blog, telling your email subscribers about it, and including it in all promo materials.

If you have other accounts, advertise them as well.  This way, it’s NOT only Facebook that gets promoted. Share your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube links as well. The more social channels, the better it is for business!

3.       Follow a Schedule

You don’t need to devote all your time on Facebook. However, user engagement and interaction is important. Take time to talk to your Facebook followers. If they commented on a post, try to be responsive. Of course, you can’t reply to every comment. So, try to create a schedule when to post, comment, and reply to inquiries.

4.      Interact with Other Pages

Previously, I said to interact with your followers, but it’s also important to mingle with other brands. If you mentioned them on a blog post, mention them on Facebook as well.  When you tag them on Facebook, they get to see your post too! In that way, those brands can also share the article you made on their respective Facebook pages. You promote them, and in return, you get an advertisement too. Win-win!