5 Tips to Increase Organic CTR (Part 3)

Just when you thought it’s over, nope, I’m not yet done sharing tips in improving Organic CTR. Before you read the finale, catch up on 3 Tips to Increase Organic CTR (Part 1) and 5 Tips to Increase Organic CTR (Part 2).

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 Feed their curious minds

  • Humans are curious beings, and we all find ways to resolve our inherent curiosity. You can leverage curiosity in your meta descriptions. You can say something like, “Shop now and get a FREE mystery prize.” In this statement, 2 words will trigger the user: free and mystery. Oooh, what could be the mystery gift be? And who doesn’t like a free gift?

Add a sense of urgency

  • If you are selling something, it helps to add a sense of urgency in the description. Mention that there are only a limited number of products left. Adding words like “Shop now”, “Last 30 pieces left”, or “50% off today” will make people run faster than Usain Bolt.
  • Nowadays, people have this fear of missing out. When something is selling out fast, they would immediately want a piece of it too! It must be good, right?

Mention someone famous

  • Like the fear of missing out, people would like to do what other people are doing especially if a famous person is doing it.
  • They would most likely do it themselves, and that’s the power of social proof. If you say something like, “Find out why Beyoncé is having about this water.” I know it’s just water, but the mention of Beyoncé changes the game. When you mention Kylie Jenner’s favorite, or Ariana Grande’s favorite, I’m sure people would rush and immediately click.

Don’t forget to apply and test what works for you!

All the tips mentioned in part 1, part 2, and part 3 will be useless if you don’t test what you now know. Always check the progress… does it work for you? should you just scrap it? Only you can answer that. You can always go to your Google Analytics account to check if there are improvements in your CTR. Aside from that, you can monitor how the users see your page titles and meta descriptions. Below are the 2 tools I suggest for you to use:

  1. Yoast SEO
    • For WordPress users, I’m sure you all are familiar with Yoast SEO. Just install the plugin and it will help you a lot because Yoast SEO will provide a preview of your page title and meta description. Yes, it will how it will look like in the actual Google search results page.
    • Aside from that, you will have an idea if your texts are too long or too short. Yoast SEO will give you a heads up if your snippet gets cut and have reached the maximum limit.
  2. Google AdWords
    • Google AdWords Preview Tool is the other option aside from Yoast SEO. According to SearchEngineLand, s of September 2016, Google has updated the ad preview tool, and it has been optimized for both mobile and desktop users. You can see how the different titles and descriptions would look like in various platforms.  Like Yoast SEO, it also gives you suggestions if it is fitting or not. Just type your preferred title and a brief description, then the Google AdWords Preview Tool will do its thing.


At the end of the day, SEO is not just about the technicalities. You don’t have to go into the technical jargons. In fact, marketing concepts also help gaining more views and clicks. You don’t have to fear because you don’t a thing or two about SEO. Knowledge in copywriting and marketing will go a long way too!