5 Free SEO Tools That You Should Use (Part 2)

We all know how SEO has progressed and how important it is for us to cope up with the changes. In part 1, I have taken up 5 free SEO tools. To help you further in the SEO arena, I decided to continue and give you 5 (plus 2!) other tools.

SEO rankings displayed on the monitor

Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s algorithm puts a lot of weight on a website’s mobile version. Because of this reason, Mobile-Friendly Test is here to assist you to know if it is indeed compatible for mobile phones and tablets.

Simply type the URL of your site and you will be advised with its mobile friendliness. Mobile-Friendly Test tool, likewise, will give you a recommendation on how to improve in the said area.


This keyword research tool can extract data from Google’s Keyword Planner basing from the keyword you gave. It can give back information too for every keyword. Best of all, Ubbersuggest can remove keywords that are not your preference.

With the more current version 3.0, you can now type in a website and obtain domain metrics.

Google Search Console 

We should not forget this tool not because it’s from Google, but Google Search Console will give you an abundant awareness on the following:

  • Indexation concerns.
  • Keyword ranking.
  • Website quality.
  • Sitemap standing.
  • Mobile friendliness.


This tool tells you how a particular search engine sees your site. It takes away all the embellishment and shows the fundamental form. With Browseo, it will tell you if Google’s crawlers are having problems in getting vital content on your website. It has also a SERP preview, which is so cool because you get to see how your site looks in the actual search results.

Browseo will also show you whether or not your titles and meta descriptions are sufficiently optimized. It will give you a heads up if you need to make any changes.

Counting Characters

A lot of people still count the characters to assess meta description and length of the title.

The truth is, Google does not compute the meta title nor account the number in the characters. Rather than that, it uses pixels.

Counting Characters can give both the pixel and character count so you can develop your titles and descriptions without being interrupted by an ellipsis.


This tool’s name is self-explanatory. CanIRank will assist you to land on the first page of a search engine using a specific keyword. Other tools tells you how certain keywords give your site a boost, but CanIRank shows you a rough estimate of your rank if you decide to use a particular search term. Aside from that, it utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide better keywords.

Not only that, this tool can run an evaluation. After, it will show a detailed report on the practical ways of increasing your website rankings. You can try it for free without needing a credit card.

Keywords Everywhere 

You shouldn’t overlook this tool because it is a keyword research tool that’s free and Keywords Everywhere is compatible to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

It can check the data and search volume on various websites like Google Trends, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Google Search Console, and many more.