5 Free SEO Tools That You Should Use (Part 1)

After a quarter of a century, SEO has fully evolved far from how we imagined it to be. It has connected us to uninterrupted information that is reachable, customized, and absorbing content. That is the reason why there are new trends that comes up from time to time. Today, it is the surge of Artificial Intelligence and voice search. If you still want to be in the bandwagon, you have to learn to cope up.

SEO scores on the monitor

To help you in that area, here are 5 free SEO tools you can use to get the results you want.

Google Analytics

All serious SEO marketers should use Google Analytics. It is capable to do a lot of things and it could tell you exactly how many visited in a certain site, its location demographics, as well as the traffic sources. With these information you have, it is easy to make necessary adjustments in their content approach. The best part? It is a FREE tool just as long as you have a Google account.

With Google Analytics, it is possible to know what strategy is working and what is not. There are other excellent tools available that comes from the Google family tree like Google Search Console, Google Sheets, Keyword Planner, and PageSpeed Insights.

Answer The Public

It is a tool that gives you the questions asked by many people. Simply enter the keyword and Answer The Public brings the most asked inquiries that comes from that keyword. It also delivers a graphic along with the queries and the phrases used when they enter that keyword.

With the information, it should help you make a well written content that aims to deliver the needs of the customers and would be customers. This can likewise give you recommendations on how you address the keyword. For example SEO versus PPC, or difference between SEO and PPC. Thus, you can come up with a brilliant content that everyone can enjoy and share with friends.

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If you are looking for a tool that can do a thorough research, MozBar is the answer. It works with Chrome browser and it gives simple access to advanced metrics on SERPs and webpages. MozBar SEO Toolbar is absolutely free and you can download it for keyword research. However, the MozPro is a monthly subscription. It has  modern features like Keyword Difficulty and Page Optimization.


Keyworddit is another free tool that can find ideas which comes from subreddits on Reddit and gives the full text and the list where the keyword was utilized. All you have to do is to type a definite subreddit, and it will draw a couple of keywords. Then, searches using those words  and comparing it to search volume of the entire country.


You can try WooRank for 14 days. No need to worry about paying because they are offering a FREE trial for 2 weeks. This is another great analyzer because it can produce SEO score and it will sum-up the procedures you need in order to  enhance the SEO of your site.

Woorank has a shareable pane that gives you social media insights like how many comments you post gained, how many shares, likes, and so on. It also can provide you a mobile view of your website and tell you how swiftly they load. How cool is that?

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