5 Guaranteed Ways to Establish Backlinks for Your Business

When it comes to local SEO, backlinking is an essential element. It’s a ranking signal that Google uses to gauge the trustworthiness and authority of a business website. If you achieve this on your pages, you can expect better rankings, increased visibility, and enhanced sales.

Backlinking also maps out your small business website on the web. It’s a great traffic generator without paying for anything unless you run sponsorships to acquire it (see below).

The importance of backlinking

Any website, be it for business or a blog, needs backlinks to improve their SEO. Among other ranking signals, backlinking is one of the strongest suits of any website. Moreover, Google always rewards websites with seamless backlinking from authority sites.

Aside from this benefit, backlinking also establishes your authority in a specific niche. If many websites link and trust your pages, it’s a sign that your website as a whole is trustworthy based on Google standards.

Still, backlinking should be done organically. The sad truth is that many website owners resort to black hat tactics only to be penalized by Google. Remember, Google is smart and it will only take a short while for them to flag down such practices.

Methods to gain backlinks

Guest posting

Guest posting in an influencer’s blog or an authority site relevant to your niche is probably the easiest and most effective method. You’ll get to secure a backlink while boosting your business’ online reputation.

Nevertheless, you should only guest post on websites that are relevant to your niche. These are bloggers or other businesses that aren’t your direct competitors. It could also be the governing bodies in your industry.

Mention other entities on your niche

On your social media accounts or blogs, you can talk about other organizations or businesses. Make sure that you tag or contact them about your mention. It’s likely that their ‘Thank Yous’ will include a mention on their social media platforms. If you’re lucky, you’ll be mentioned on their blog.

Again, these organizations and businesses shouldn’t be your direct competitors. Otherwise, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Grant sponsorships

You can also grant sponsorships to events and organizations. As an exchange, you’ll ask for a backlink to your website. This costs more than other methods, but it’s a guaranteed way to secure links from authority brands and websites.

Aside from that, your brand will also gain additional exposure. It’s hitting two birds with one stone, making the expense worth it.

Tapping the help of local influencers

A simple mention in a local influencer’s social media account will do wonders for your small business. You can do this through sponsorships or partnerships with the influencer’s projects.

Make sure that you choose the influencer that reflects your business’ values. This way, you won’t inadvertently drag your small business into online complications.

Get interviewed

Online interviews are one of the popular trends nowadays. For sure, a local review website will be more than happy to conduct an interview with you about your business.

Also, various cities have their own local directory where they feature different local businesses.