5 Link Development Tips to Help Build Backlinks (Part 1)

Link development is something you can do without having to develop SEO strategies or worry about using old-fashioned SEO tactics. These 5 tips below backlink techniques that everyone can apply on their websites.

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  1. Advertising

  • The word simply means to let other people know about your site and to increase their knowledge of your site. Of course, there are ranking advantages after.
  • In one of the Google Hangout video posted online, John Mueller, a trend analyst, was asked to share is knowledge on links. He simply answered that you need people to know by advertising about your site. Let the people be the judge if they find your site as a truly good website to visit.
  1. Social Media

  • It has been proven time and again that social media is a potent way to develop traffic, sales, and attention. Establish yourself with the ones that are known online. There is no money involved just make sure that they will be interested in what you are offering and that could result to natural links.

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  1. Public Engagements and Business Happenings

  • Events are the perfect venue to meet leaders in other industries to have a chance to develop a good relationship with them. Then, you can always make a blog post about their notes. Interviewing these leaders is a good idea, too.
  • If you want to share something important, you can do public speaking. Start with a small audience first and as you grow in confidence so is the increase in the number of audience you can handle. As you gain respect, people would want to meet you. Again, you can use this leverage to ensure good traffic. Hence, a good ranking for your website.
  1. Podcasting

  • These days, podcasting is gaining popularity. Podcasts are widely available on streaming services like Spotify.
  • If a podcaster wants to interview you, grab the opportunity. Remember, you might gain a link from the podcaster. Not only that, just the fact that people will know your website. So, don’t miss the amazing opportunity to be part of a podcast.
  1. Developing Relationships

  • Why not connect with the people? Just make sure that they are not your direct competitor. The link could come from various ways like endorsements, testimonials or reviews. Yes, you might say that it is old-school practice, but hey, it does work.
  • Think of links as a friend; you first need to be a friend to gain a friend. So, before you get links, share links of businesses you personally patronize.

Free Links are not exactly FREE!

Of course, the methods discussed develop traffic, authority, and also, boosts the popularity of your website. These strategies assist you to make more natural connections because that’s how links should be: natural and organic. Thus, forcing it to be seems a shady and spammy approach.

Free links are not exactly free because advertising your website would need a lot of effort. Natural links won’t be there in a snap!

If you still need tips, more tips will be covered on 5 Link Development Tips to Help Build Backlinks (Part 2)