Social Media & SEO (Part 2)

On my last blog post, I talked about the link between social media and SEO. For this post, I will still continue discussing the tips in order to use social media to your own advantage. Read the tips I listed below:

Facebook social media

#1: Don’t focus on social media!

Remember that focusing on social media for your SEO is a definitely a wrong move. Why? Because social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have their own goals. They also want to promote their own website.

So, this should be a lesson for you: promote your own website. Stay on your own turf! Besides that, links on social media get buried easily. Imagine the thousands of tweets sent every minute. You think out of the all the 10—- tweets sent your 1 tweet will stand out? Of course not! Don’t place all your bets on social media. It’s a pretty crowded place with a lot of competition. Surely, it would be hard to stand if you don’t have something important to share.

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#2: Build your own tribe.

With so many social media websites available today, you would be confused on where to focus your attention. Don’t be swayed the quantity of followers. Instead, you should think about the quality of followers. What will do with 20,000 people if none of them engages with your content?

Being followed by 50 loyal customers is totally better than having 50,000 followers. If you got 10 digital influencers as your part of your 50 followers, then, you are guaranteed with regular social media interactions and user engagements.

To get the attention of the top digital influencers, it is important to:

  • Build genuine relationships. Stop bothering them with promo posts. Interact and engage with their content as well. Remember, relationship take time to grow.
  • Once you have gain their attention, learn to value relationships. Don’t just think of them because you need help promoting your products. This is NOT just a “one time thing.” Be consistent when engaging with them.
  • If you need help sharing your content to the world, they need help with theirs as well. Take time to share their content. It’s not merely sharing it to your followers, but try to come up with a personalized caption as well. This will make a bigger impact because it is not some generic caption that you just conjured.
  • Help these influencers by providing backlinks. You can ask them to do a guest post on your blog. This helps promoting their blog and your blog as well.

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Harnessing social media to your advantage will surely take time. Along the way, it could also influence your SEO. So, never settle with just blogging. Instead create useful and engaging content, build genuine relationships on social media, and don’t always expect something in return.

Just be true to the people you will meet on your journey to the top and they will support you whenever you need a little boost. Soon, you will definitely notice the fruits of your hard work.