7 Attributes of an Excellent Blog Post

Can you count the many times you published a blog post, and then, it went directly went to graveyard because there were no views, no shares, no links? It died a natural death.

Photo of Person Writing on Notebook
Writing a blog is more than just coming up with a certain number of word counts, neither is it about what CEO wants to talk about. Here are a few tips you might one to check out before sitting down to write your blog. Ready to elevate your blog? Let’s go!

1. Start with Why.

  • Ask yourself, what is this blog for?
    • Do I want to be a fact facility on a niche topic?
    • Am I a current site that gives news or one that gives the latest, most advance stage of development in technique and design?
    • Or am I a thought leader that influences others?
  • Once you can answer these questions you are off to answer what the post you want to write is for:
    •  To have more subscribers?
    • To have more readers?
    • Is it for shares?
    • Is it for links?
    • Or you want something that is lasting?

2. Know your audience and what they like to read?

  • To make a great blog article, you need to know who your audience is. This will also help you to determine what excites them and what their problems. This will help you address their needs in your blog article.
  • People will always care about themselves and you should be able to make their lives better and that’s the bottom line.

3. Write what you are capable of writing. Never, ever fake it!

  • Your brand has to be an authority that will make you competent and an expert in your field. Know your foothold and be adept in the topic and cover all aspects.
  • And write a title that cannot be ignored and the body of your blog article should contain the finest advice that will fulfill the wants of your audience.

4. Be different, be original!

  • There are contents that are replicated in different sites but in the same niche and they say the same thing. This is called the herd content.
  • Write unlike the rest. Create high caliber articles by showing something that is original if not, an original fresh approach to an existing topic.

5. Answer the questions of your audience.

  • A lot of people are searching to get help. Therefore, your article blog should answer their concerns.
  • What also works is the fact that user reads substantial articles with your brand in it linked to content. The minute they start trusting you, they will surely buy what you are selling.

6. How long should a great article be?

  • Not too long… unless you have something vital to say. Your blog article should be long to show value but short and on point without delaying. Do not lengthen a 500 words article. Brief and focused, those are the secret of a great article.

7. Use the right tone.

  • In a normal conversation, our tone changes depending on whom we are talking with, right? So when you talk with say a client your tone is formal and precise. When talking to a 7-year-old child, your tone changes to a slower and friendly manner.
  • So, if you know the kind of audience you have, your tone should be able to reach their level. That does not mean though that you have to lose your personality. A little adjustment only is needed. Make sure your pitch is in accordance to your audience intelligence.