Great Tools That Will Assist You to Write a Better (Part 1)

Aside from the rigorous amount of time in the content research, you need another strenuous amount of time to develop and edit to come up with a polished version of your content. I have divided the blog post 2 into main sections: research, and collaboration. Ready to start? Let’s do it!

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  • If you are a writer you must have experienced a situation wherein you do not know what to write. This is such a bummer especially when you have a lot to write every week. But no worries, there are a lot of tools that will do just that.
  • Here are the tools you might want to consider:
    • Ubersuggest is a tool for keyword research. Not only that, it can also give you ideas that will catch the attention of your audience. Cool, isn’t it?
    • Sometimes, the results of Ubersuggest may have keyword ideas that you can use.  You can even arrange your search by clicking the small down arrow which is beside the “keyword” section.
    • Google Alerts gives you the first scoop and that is such a great thing, right? It helps you be ahead of the rest by sending you notifications when there is something meaty that comes up.
    • Once you opened your Google account, just type in your choice of keyword and click Create Alert button. You can set the frequency of the alerts as you prefer them to be.


  • The largest and most reliable websites are made up of many people as content marketers give better result as a group. The group identifies each job. One or two people do the content research, writers, editors to make sure the content is good, and of course marketers who can handle the distribution.
  • To complete the set-up, you need for a platform that restructures alliance, project tracking, and file sharing is imperative.
  • See your great options:
    • Google Docs is an editing platform that can work on numerous users to work in one place. It has pertinent features of a word processor.
    • It can alter font types, add photos, insert tables, and make lists, and many more. Google Docs lets you share a file with other users by pressing the “Share” option.
    • You can also state the access privileges to the ones who got the link of a specific document. If users want to leave a comment, they could simply highlight the part.
    • Trello is such a big help in organizing projects into “Boards,” arrange things to do into “Lists,” and handle them by making use of “Cards.”
    • It is easy to do; you need choose the “Add a card,” put a name, and then add all the details of your task. You can likewise appoint members, add deadlines, include attachments, and write comments.

In conclusion, it is not about who is good in content marketing. Tools have a big part to this competitive world of SEO. You need to find the right tools for you to be on top.  So, what are you waiting for? Apply these tools if you haven’t already!