Who Can Become Brand Advocates?

I already talked about “The Importance of Product Advocates,” and “Tips in Acquiring More Brand Advocates.Today, let us discuss another important aspect, which is identifying who can become your brand ambassadors. Of course, your loyal customers are the best candidates for the position. However, let’s categorize them into groups so you will know how to interact with them:

  1. Referrers. These customers introduce your products to their own circle of people.
  2. Committed customers. These are the people that will engage with you, buy your products, leave a positive review, and repeat the cycle. Basically, they are the people satisfied with your products that they repeat their transactions.
  3. Social media sharers. These people may not be as active as #2, but they can really help you in terms of social media. Because they are always online, they can always “share” or “like” your posts. They can give your content a nudge so that it will be exposed to more people.
  4. Honest reviewers. These customers are very straightforward and direct. Whether it’s a good or bad review, they are ready to give a detailed review on your products. They are willing to share their constructive criticism in order for you to improve your service in the future.

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How to Encourage Your Customers to Talk About Your Brand

Other things may change, but in the online world of business, new customers will always trust the opinion of the existing customers. In order for your current customers to draw in more people, they need to share their product reviews. Here are a few tips on how to ask for reviews:

  • Reviews aren’t given instantaneously.
    • You can force your customers to leave a review right away. It’s something that is freely given to you. Because if your customers like your product, they will surely let you know. You should not pressure them to leave reviews. Just wait; perhaps, they are still thinking on what to write.
  • It’s never about the number of reviews.
    • A perfect star rating is useless if there are no comments. Potential customers won’t be convinced of a perfect rating if there are no specific details given.
    • So, do not focus on gaining numerous product reviews. Instead, go over the reviews and highlight those reviews that tell a story. You can post them on your social media accounts or put it up on your website.
  • Another way to encourage existing customers to leave a review is to start a loyalty program. It’s a tried and tested way of gaining more brand advocates:
    • Stop avoiding the negative experiences.
      • When a customer encounters a problem, a loyalty program may help appease the situation. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to address the issue, but offering loyalty points may win back these frustrated customers. Because of your loyalty program, things can go from bad to good.
    • Encourage to share reviews on social media.
      • You can reward your customers with points every time they share a review on their social media accounts. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, their positive review will go a long way so encourage them to share their shopping experience. It will surely convince other people to shop as well!