How to Choose an Exceptional SEO Writer?

One of the many roles of the SEO writer is to make sure that the content is optimized for web. If your content caters to the different SEO factors, then, that is considered an effective SEO writing.

Definitely, the search engines’ goal is to give the users the finest and the best result basing from the search word/s they entered. So, if your content is just “faking it,” then, search engines will not consider it as excellent. Moreover, it will not show up on their top search results.

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That is the reason why hiring an exceptional SEO writer is extremely important. You wouldn’t want to damage your site, right? Here are the characteristics of an SEO writer:

  1. Comprehends the right spelling of words and the rules of grammar.
  • This means that a good SEO writer knows how to use comma, semi-colon, apostrophe, and the likes.
  • He has a knowledge on when to use “who,” “what,” “which,” “whom,” and so on.
  • If your SEO writer does not know grammar, then, you are hiring a person who is not worth a penny. Remember, inaccuracy and errors will decrease the integrity of your content.
  • When it does, people will know that they cannot trust the brand or the service of the one who just posted a mediocre content. They simply will refuse to be your customer!

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  1. A great SEO writer knows how to professionally deal with your SEO expert.
  • The ideal working set-up is for SEO writer and SEO expert to coordinate to reach the same objectives.
  • If they work separately, then, there will be no order. Most likely, all efforts will fail.
  1. Write for humans, and then, the next is to write for search engines.
  • Google expects you to write for people first and foremost. There is no need to stuff your content with redundant keywords.
  1. A great SEO writer knows your audience.
  • This means, if you write for people, you must who you are writing for.
  • What are their concerns? What kind of content has meaning to their everyday lives?
  • Remember, if your audience doesn’t need it, they will not bother to read. So, why post it?
  1. Knowing the do’s and the don’ts when writing SEO content.
  • Having said that, it follows that they have a flair for keywords. The writer must come up with good titles, heading tags, introductory sentences, and so on.
  • A good writer does not stuff keywords. If they can’t do these things, then they will just waste your money.

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  1. A great SEO writer should be able to write briefly.
  • You have to call their attention. If you do, then, make sure you deliver the message as briefly as possible. No one want to read a lengthy paragraph.
  • Also, make it understandable for everyone. Avoid using jargons and highfalutin words.

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  1. A great SEO writer knows how to wonderfully tell a story.
  • An excellent SEO writer should be able to plot the journey of your customer. It is not about making a one-time purchase, but it is about being loyal to the brand.
  • You would want someone who would patronize your products or services to purchase. Investing on effective product description is a start.
  • Writing an appropriate piece will transform a visitor into a customer. Sometimes, you don’t need to pay expensive tools. You just need the right word choices for your published content.