How to Write Compelling Product Descriptions

Aside from product photos, another factor that urges customers to click that buy now button is the product description. Because we cannot physically grasp the product, we highly rely on words when shopping online. According to a research, around 20% of online transactions do not push through because the product information is found to be incomplete or lacking.

Person Browsing for Products on the Internet

Person Browsing for Products on the Internet

Good vs. Bad Product Descriptions

Just because product descriptions are lengthy does not it is automatically “good.” The number of words does not matter, it’s the word choices are actually waht matters.

A good product description will distinctly tell you 2 things:

  1. why you need to buy it.
  2. how it will help you in your everyday chores.

When you’re selling something common, like shirts and dresses,  it’s  easy to write product descriptions because everyone uses it on a daily basis. However, if you are selling something unique, like a multi massager, that’s when product descriptions are really compulsory. You need to detailed in explaining the products to erase doubt and confusion.

On your website, product descriptions should:

  • evidently state the use of the product.
  • highlight the benefits, and unique product features.
  • add other important information like if needs batteries or if the needs a specific charger to operate

A product description should be able to clearly tell the customers what they need to know.  Avoid anything that causes confusion. If a customer still has questions about a product after you have given a description, then,you terribly failed at writing effective product description.

Tips on writing product descriptions.

To prevent doubts, I’ve listed a few tips on how to write effective product descriptions.

  • Think of your potential buyers first.
    • These descriptions are for your customers and not about you. Consider these points before writing specific product descriptions:
    • Age, Gender, Location
    • Education and Income standing
    • Language(s) spoken
  • This is not about you. You are just the seller. Follow this guide on what to write. For example, your target audience is the middle class, you don’t go on writing flowery words and filling the space with highfalutin terms. That’s why you need to know your target buyers so you can personalize the descriptions for them.
  • Include the benefits and special features
  • Encourage your customers to buy your products by highlighting the features and benefits.
  • Make it sure that your products answer a problem, that the products provide a solution for the customer.
  • Anticipate what your customers questions. So, if you are selling dresses, the customers will probably ask about the available sizes (S, M, L), feel (is it made of wool, cotton, or fleece?), and level of comfort (is it airy? is it ideal for summer or winter?)
  • Here are some important notes for you:
    • A long list will just bore your customers so include only 3 to 5 important benefits.
    • Elaborate why your product is unique. List the advantages.
    • Think of your buyers when listing the advantages. If you know they’re buying a product because it’s very affordable, then, highlight that you are selling the product at a cheap price.
    • Explain how it is the perfect solution to a particular problem.