How Google Posts Can Help Your Business

Back in 2017, Google introduced its newest product, Google Posts. This tool is intended for businesses so they can post photos and texts using their Google My Business accounts. Google Posts is intended to boost a business’ online visibility, traffic, sales, and engagement.

This free tool is available for those with GMB accounts. If utilized well, it can be a powerful tool that small businesses can use as an edge against their competitors. So can Google Posts help your business? Here are some of the guaranteed benefits:

It improves audience engagement

Google Posts allow companies to post time-sensitive content, including seasonal offers, discounts, sales, and so on. With this immediate content, internet users can be directed easily to your website. If used well, it will trigger engagements, which will trickle down to your website and social media accounts.

This tool is best used with eye-catching graphics as well as excellent content.

It boosts your SEO

A strong call to action on your Google Posts is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Google Posts is also effective in creating backlinks that will bring warm leads to your business.

Also, Google gives more value to traffic that comes from listings instead of those from organic search. With this, your business benefits twice as much as you’d imagine.

It aligns with your marketing efforts

When it comes to your non-SEO efforts, Google Posts gives a lot of advantages to the marketing department. This detail on your listing can be used to market top products, special offers, seasonal collections, and more.

Since Google Posts are short, it’s easier to digest than an entire blog post. This allows you to post fresh and new content every single time. So instead of adding too much fluff, you’re going to focus on information that matters.

It’s a free tool to improve your business’ reach

Who doesn’t want a free yet useful tool? Google Posts is free on Google My Business account, which also comes with no cost. The only capital you need is time, energy, and a little creativity.

This makes Google Posts available for all businesses, regardless of how limited their budgets are. It translates to equality when it comes to the ranking and marketing possibility that this tool offers.

It aids voice search

Voice search is taking over the web, with more and more internet users seeking convenient and hands-free mode for search.

About 46% of all voice searchers will look for a business listing at least once a day. These statistics just show how important voice search is. With proper optimization, you can use Google Posts to increase your voice search traffic.

Final words

Google Posts is yet another important and free tool that you can utilize for your business. It’s a built-in feature on your GMB account, which comes handy. All you need is a little patience and effort to launch your first Google Posts.

Although Google Posts require a different approach than merely posting on your social media accounts, it has a manageable learning curve.