Scottsdale Web Design – 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing a Keyword Research

A fundamental part of an SEO practitioner is to do keyword research. Sadly, not everyone likes doing this. According to the SEO experts, it is ranked as one of the top three biggest challenging responsibilities. One reason is the fact that 66% do the research without any help from an expert or a third party.

It is also a discouraging responsibility, and the remaining 44% will do the research if there is no other choice. And if that is the case, finally doing the keyword research could be such a humongous project. Hence, this blog will help you deal with keyword research.

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To help you, here is a list of research errors you should keep away:

  1. Failing to Recall Search Intent

The largest error is failing to really analyze the searcher’s intent. It is pointless to rank if you do not know what the user is searching for. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers are focused on driving traffic.

No, it is should be about conversion. Hence, you should consider what people are search. Moreover, you should link your content to what visitors are searching for or at least guarantee a topic they are looking for.

  1. Not Focusing at the Real SERPs

A portion of identifying the searcher intent is to really focus on the search results. Stop looking at the tools and forget about what is ranking for keywords. Instead, do a Google search and look at what appears on the search results. Likewise, study the content of the top search results, and use this as a pattern for your content.

  1. Not Considering the Past Results

While it is true that we go after conditions that will give the largest traffic, you don’t have to choose the keywords with the most volume. Instead, you should know what kind of inquiries your searchers will utilize to get the answers they want. The concern here is not just the volume.

  1. Ignoring of Long-Tail Keywords

Honestly, people tend to ignore longer tail keywords. They think no one would search for these keywords. However, you have to remember that long-tail keywords equates to less rivalry. This means NO competition for you. You are the only one (or part of the few), who can provide the solution to the user’s query.  Thus, this will make the users trust your brand easily. Additionally, the users will you as a “master” on the given topic, and they will not hesitate in purchasing online when they need to.

  1. Not Conversing to Actual People

When doing your keyword research, you might want to consider talking with people in the same industry. Find out what language they utilize when researching, what problems they are experiencing, and what queries they are asking.

  1. Putting in Keywords After the Content is Created

The sad part is that keyword research is accomplished only after the content has been created. People just tend to repeat the same keyword over and over. Remember, research should not be a second thought. Do not just add keywords to your content. Instead, you must search a keywords and develop a content around it.

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