Obsolete SEO Strategies that You Should NOT Do (Part 3)

As discussed previously, SEO strategies of the past may not be applicable today. It’s 2019, and SEO has definitely experienced numerous changes. Most of changes have shaped how we do online searches. However, there are still some people who keep using the old SEO methods. To improve your website’s visibility online, follow the 4 SEO tips cited below.

  • Time to dump old keyword research methods.

    • If SEO have changed, then, keywords have also changed. A great part of SEO is the use of keywords. Many people used a wide variety keywords to test what’s effective and what’s not. Over the years, the archaic keyword research was replaced by tools that simplified advertising and promoting businesses.
    • There are tools such as Keyword Planner. This is free, and is made by Google. Keyword Planner (or Google Ads) will help you create ads so it’s easier for your customers to reach you. Because it’s a free, a lot of people use this tool up to this day.
    • Another option for you now is Google Trends. Like Google Ads, this is free. On September 27, 2012, Google Trends with other Google tools to provide a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends. It analyzes the following of top search results in Google. The website even uses colorful graphs to make it easier for users compare the search results.
  • Say no to poorly-written blog posts.Black and Gray Laptop Computer

    • Last, but not the least, try to create content for your audience. It’s time to put an end content that made no sense because it was just filled with keywords. On top of that, it was copied from another website. This method of writing mediocre content will not work anymore. Time have definitely chance. If back then trashy content would be ranked high, now, that won’t happen.
    • We know how to create quality content and that is by writing for people. Search engines can detect dubious ways of improving a website’s performance. There’s only one way to succeed: be honest by providing original content. Stolen content won’t put you at the top.
  • Stop creating pages for every keyword variations.

    • Always consider your users and the reason why they are searching. However, back then, when websites are doing it for keywords and search engines, various content farms spread like wildfire. They would only aim for website visibility.
    • Thus, the user and their intent would be satisfied. Negative user experience is the biggest downside of this strategy. Besides that, Google now skips this practice so you better not apply it on your website.
  • Stop stuffing keywords in your URL.

    • Yes, adding relevant keywords in your URL is important, but not to a point that the chosen domain name becomes inaccurate and ambiguous.
    • Always strive to keep the URL coherent to your brand. If your chosen brand name is short, simple, and substantial, then, do the same for your URL.

So, that ends part of the old SEO tactics you should stop using. SEO has evolved into greater heights. It’s futile to keep using these obsolete ways of promoting your business. In case you are curious, there are other strategies discussed in a previous blog post. You can read part 1 right here, and part 2 is over here.