How to Increase SEO’s Effectiveness (Part 2)

In part 1, we have discussed how important it is for your content to be understood by the search engines, and this is crucial to have good ranking and to get organic traffic.

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Of course, the question there is how to do them, right? So, we started with trying to improve our on-page elements and took up the terms such as Title Tag, Meta Description, and Bread Crumbs. Today, I shall give you more tips on how to increase your SEO’s effectiveness. Here they are:


Let’s face it: people are too busy to have the time to really read. They scan the page and when they find something that catches their attention that is when they start to sink their teeth in it. So the eye-catching thing that you can do is by providing a subhead that immediately allows the reader to know if the topic is what they are looking for. This gives your visitor a stress-free experience. Also, this assists the search engines to immediately know your content by using the position from the first most important to the least.


Since we are already know that we need to make it easier for our user, then we can consider another approach aside from subheads. You can make a list. You can do methodical detail to be noticed. Let us discuss further.

  1. Our intellect is used to patterns, we always spot for patterns.
  2. It is the same with numbers or bullets.
  3. A little structuring around the content likewise catches attention of the human eyes.

And just like subheads, the lists allows the user to have a great experience.


A picture can say a thousand words than words can ever suffice but make certain that your images have its worth. So, do not use stock photos that does not say anything. You can opt for the following:

  1. Image of your product/s or elements.
  2. Image of your product being used by a person or a group.
  3. Artworks and or schematics.
  4. Use photos of maps inclusive areas.
  5. Stats and infographics
  6. Photos of doing a specific action.


Don’t just put images on your page, search engines will not acknowledge that. You need to be more specific like say something about it. You can do so by naming the image files, sometimes you can make use of title attributes or image alt attributes. Just remember with naming your image files, just say something briefly about the contents. Never use a lot of keywords. A good reminder is to just use five or even three-word file is good enough.

With alt attribute, provide at least one or two sentences to illustrate the image. This is done for visitors with sight impairment. Now, should your image has a clickable link, the title attribute should be able to describe what the visitor could anticipate if they decide to click the link.

One more thing, do not forget to optimize your images to maintain the proper speed. If you need to catch up on part 1, here is the link: How to Increase SEO’s Effectiveness (Part 1)