Tips on Writing Compelling Product Descriptions

In the previous post, we have defined what classifies as compelling product descriptions. This time, I will give you more tips on how to write product descriptions to help you effectively sell your product. Read all the 4 helpful tips below:

  • The tone is dependent on your brand.
  • Don’t try to copy others because it is important for the product description to sound like you. Is your brand more casual, homey, and laid-back? Is it rather elegant, opulent, and exquisite?
    • If you are selling shirts to millenials, there’s no need to sound like you are selling Louis Vuitton. Shirts prioritizes comfort and convenience more than anything else so you should use words that are suitable for everyday use. Find words that are simple and appropriate.
    • Because the materials aren’t top of the line, focus on describing the feeling of the shirt. For example, wearing this handmade shirt will make you feel cozy. 
    • However, if you are selling a modern headpiece,  words choices should be more exquisite. It would be described as “spectacular,” “signature,” “intricate,” and “highest quality.” Of course, when it’s a tiara worth $3250, the expectations of your clients are high.
  • Your chosen text and your brand are closely associated. Whatever you choose, there should be coherence. Make sure that the words are connected to your brand.

Text on Shelf

The power of words.

  • Make your descriptions easy to scan.
  • Reading online text is different from actual printed text. Scannability is important in this digital age.
  • People won’t read the entire thing. All they want to do is skim and go directly to the important points.
  • If you have the habit of adding flowery words, don’t expect them to buy from your website. You just have to accept the fact that people won’t read every little detail. So, provide a list and summarize long descriptions. 
  • If the important details are quite lengthy, use numbers or bullets to list them all down. The bullets will provide a clearer explanation over slabs of texts.
  • So, whenever you are not sure what to add, use bullets. Rather than talking about gibberish details that only a few will understand, you should list the product’s features and benefits.
  • Add influential words to the mix.
  • Yes, bullets are important, but don’t forget to add words that will entice people.  Here are 10 of the most influential words according to David Ogilvy:
    • Easy
    • Amazing
    • Sensational
    • Announcing
    • Introducing
    • Miracle
    • Magic
    • Offer
    • Bargain
    • Hurry
  • Just a little side note: David Ogilvy is a famous English advertising tycoon, dubbed as the “Father of Advertising”. He is the founder of an award-winning creative agency called  Ogilvy.
  • Adding any of these words will make your pages extra special  because words have the power to convince people in just a snap.
  • Don’t for forget to optimize for search engines.
  • Words don’t just make product descriptions better. It also makes your ranking better!
  • Placing keywords in product descriptions and product titles really helps in terms of SEO.
    • According to Shopify, you should add words on the following places:
      • page titles
      • meta descriptions
      • product descriptions
      • alt texts

In conclusion, product descriptions are important too. Make time to write effective product descriptions. Additionally, use a minimal number of words. Just go and hit the point immediately. Don’t beat around the bush just to describe a basic product. In the end, if the descriptions work for your brand, then, don’t change it.