What Makes a Product Page Impressive?

Creating an impressive product page is important for your website.  It should not just be a dump of information. Instead, these product pages should be convincing enough to invite people to click. For it to be effective, the page should be able to attract attention. Nowadays, most websites make it a point to make their product pages are more interesting, inviting, and irresistible.

Person Shopping for Watches Online

Person Shopping for Watches Online

Let’s discuss specific elements on another post. First, I will discuss the basics. What makes a product page impressive?

An effective product page should have…

  • A product photo: 

    • I think this the most important aspect of a product page. A customer wouldn’t buy a product without a preview of it. Like shopping in real life, buyers should be able to see the product first. Providing a product photo allow potential customers to look at it. So, make sure that these photos are sharp and crisp.
  • A bulleted list: 

    • With the product photos available for customers to view, they won’t be needing long product descriptions. Most of the time, they even skip reading. Preferably, add a bulleted or numbered list for them to easily look through the descriptive words. If the product details are organized in a list, your customers can easily find the products he actually wants. For example, in online bookstores, sellers usually provide the publication date, book dimensions, publisher name, genre, and ISBN in a list format.
  • A general overview:

    • Not every description is brief. You also have to provide 2 to 3 sentences about the product you are selling. For books, the ISBN and genre would not suffice. It doesn’t give the customers an idea on what the story is. Of course, you have to provide the book’s synopsis. When there’s a synopsis given, they can easily decide if the story appeals to them or not.
  • Call to action button, and social proof

    • It depends on you if you want to add a shop now, buy now, or add to cart button. Lastly, there’s should be proof that you are selling high-quality product. Don’t forget to feature customer reviews too.

Basically, these elements constitute an impressive product page. Don’t just solely focus on improving the product. Give importance to the product descriptions because it will help convince customers to check it out. Let’s continue to use the book example. Without adding an overview or synopsis, customers would not know if this book is enjoyable for them.

Allocate time in getting to know your customers, and design creative descriptions that appeal to them.  Personalize product descriptions for your customers and not for you. Write about the different features and benefits of the product. Experiment unitl you find the perfect mix!

Learn from Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the different strategies you can learn from Amazon: part 1, part 2, and part 3. Learn how they design their product page. Being the largest e-commerce retailer in 2017, Amazon is definitely an authority in the field. Companies such as Apple, Wal-Mart, and Macy’s were next in line. It’s only natural to grasp what they know, and learn from what they do best!