Scottsdale Web Design – Out of Ideas? Use these Content Curation Tools! (Part 2)

Thinking of new ideas is a MUST for every website. In order to gain a steady number of web visitors, your creative team should think of fresher and newer ways to present information. Previously, I already shared 3 FREE tools for content creation.

The Different Content Creation Tools

blank notebook beside a macbook

Now, I will give more content tools that are freely available online. Because I know how conceptualizing can be a challenge, I hope these tools will make your lives easier. Here are 3 more suggestions to make sure you will get new topic ideas for your next blog post:

  1. Google Ads Keyword Planner

  • When you choose the right keywords, your search result will stand out. Of course, people will choose to click your website. That’s the aim of Google Ads Keyword Planner! It’s there to help in selecting the right keywords.
  • With Google Ads Keyword Planner, you will surely discover the words and phrases that people are actually searching for in Google. This will be the base of your content ideas.
  • You can either scan your own website to see your highest ranking keywords or you can also search your competitors’ site to see what keywords you need to address. For sure, you will know more keywords to write about.

PRO TIP: Just because a keyword doesn’t get enough searches, it does not mean you won’t get clicks for it. Remember, little search volume does NOT equate to little traffic for your website. Actually, low search volume can be your chance to gain huge traffic! So, try ranking for these undervalued keywords!

  1. Social Media Websites

  • Like Quora, the different social media platforms are also a great place for you to get content ideas. You will know what people are constantly posting about and you can give more of what they want!
  • You can find ways to integrate your business to a popular topic online. For instance, you are selling clothes online and the trending topic is a famous celebrity. You can do a buying guide or you can try to create a mood board basing from the celebrity’s fashion statement.
  • For this approach, I feel like Twitter is the most useful. Since Twitter also publishes their own list of the top trending topics, you can get ideas from there. Plus, Twitter has an advanced search that will let search for specific mentions and keywords.

PRO TIP:  Use social media to know what the people talking about online. It isn’t just a tool for you to share your ideas. In fact, social media is also an excellent listening tool. You get to understand what people are asking, what keywords make them click, and what they want to see more online.


Lasty, there’s a free keyword research tool called To get new content ideas, all you need to simply type your desired keyword. You know what I like about it? It suggests longer keywords. No matter how short your keyword are, it will give you hundreds of long-tail keywords.

The advantages does not end there! Aside from being a FREE tool, it can also search multiple platforms such as Google, Ebay, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and other popular sites.

PRO TIP: When picking a long-tail keyword, select the ones that make the most sense for your business and your goals. Then, prioritize them according to your objectives.