Scottsdale Web Design – Out of Ideas? Use these Content Curation Tools! (Part 1)

Ideas don’t come easy! As a content writer, we all know that we’re sometimes stuck in rut. To be honest, crafting new content can be terribly difficult. Excellent ideas don’t just come in a snap. However, you need to persevere in thinking of content idea for your website to gain the attention it needs.

person brainstorming for ideas beside a laptop

The Free Tool to Generate Ideas

For this blog post, I will start by sharing 3 free tools for you to come up with ideas for your website. There are various tools you can find online so let’s deal with it one at a time. Below are the first 3 tools you can use:

  1. FAQ Fox

  • With this tool, you will have an idea of the numerous questions that people are curious about. All you need to do is type in a specific kwyword and list down the different sites to search. Then, you are ready to start searching!
  • That’s pretty much it and it’s very easy, right? If you want to narrow your search, you can add more websites to search or you add categories of the websites. Basically, FAQ Fox will help you know the most search questions – the what, where, when, why, and how – that people desperately wants answers.  FAQ Fox will scour for page titles and meta descriptions that match your keywords.
  • Aside from it being free to use, FAQ Fox proves to be helpful in the following:
    • Knowing what the public are looking for,
    • Identifying the language they are using,
    • Seeing the answers to the different questions,
    • And realizing the questions that needs answers.

PRO TIP: Other than searching popular websites for topic ideas, it is also helpful if you analyze all your competitors’ sites. By adding their URL on your search, you will know what questions they have already tackled.

  1. Quora

  • Before you criticize me of classifying Quora as a tool, still, it doesn’t take away the fact that it is a great avenue for you to learn actual questions that people are asking.
  • Quora is website where people ask anything under the sun. It’s a community of internet users that are ready to help each other for any questions that are bothering them.
  • So, with Quora, it is easy for you to identify the popular questions that are begged to be answered. This will give you an idea on what to talk about on your blog.
  • When you post on Quora, you develop your online reputation. Thus, your website gain more visibility through the thousands of Quora users.

PRO TIP: Once you answered a particular question on Quora, don’t forget to share your blog post on the question. You can reply with your answer. Plus, add the link on your website!

  1. Google Search Console

PRO TIP: The moment you know the articles that gain the most clicks, then write more content pieces around that keyword. Publish something similar to it.